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How to reach ZEN MIND ?

Someone asked me “ Hey Yoshizen, I read your [Will-power] post and understand what

ZEN MIND is,  —– the question is HOW to reach there ?

Well, this is the question worth one’s life.

It costed Master Bodhidharma who started the practice of ZEN,  for his 9 years sitting, and costed me just

to have a glimmer of idea, 3 years Disco Dancing.   😀    And yet another 20 odd years more of experiments.

And I’ve written many times before, but repeat it here referring the last post.

> > Buddhist has completely different psyche —– there was no will at all,  hence those

—– Masters got enlightenment  !  ( Buddhist doesn’t intentionally pursuit the goal by will

—– but to set the goal as the default = if nothing else is there, what else can we wish for ? )

—– When (to his eyes) no chocolate is there, why want to eat chocolate —> once this kind

—–of mind  became the norm,  do something by the will doesn’t need a chocolate   :-D

MIND or the information process in the Brain has distinctive tendency, If the same signals are repeated,

the response becomes routine or the signals will be completely ignored in order to save the energy

by short-cut or shut-out.  This is an acclimation ( acclimatization) process of the brain and the physiology.

If you eat chocolate all-day, ton of it, soon you will fed-up with it ( it’s a metaphor don’t try this in home and

I wouldn’t presume any responsibility of its consequence ) = you become immune to it.  Even hate it.

Or if you love your partner, love a lot, a lot  for 7 years equivalent amount (Well, some says 2 years these days)

she ( or he ?) become either part of yourself or invisible.  In both case she or he no longer bother your Mind

(= hence brain can save energy) = life just goes on as it is.  —– It’s a Peace !

—– If he wants to do [A],  Just Do [A] —– anyhow nothing else is in the scope.

—– But to choose [A] out of 26 and try to do, it may need to think and use a will. 

—- —– But if nothing else is there, it is only a thing he can do.

So that, if you think and try doing it [A] all-day, next day, repeating million times = it become routine.

Then, You become able to do it automatic = without thinking.

Strangely, once you master this, by doing [A],  you are able to use the same mind-set to any other subject

in any moment at once.  The fundamental OS (operation system) of the brain changed to Zen Type.


Buddha had been doing this in his daily life (life was simple, handling only few same things

everyday = routine, as he went through the life of austere already, he didn’t need much)

—– the followers copied his action and later realized the hidden effect as it is the way to get

the State of Mushin (Mind of No-Mind) = routine work without thinking.

Since then, all the Buddhist’s sect having a simple repeating act in their Buddhists practice.

Especially the Master Bodhidharma was the one who used the effect of repeating action as

the main tool to get the state of Mushin and the Enlightenment which is known as ZEN.

Therefore, repeating or bombarding the brain with the same signal ( as long as it is the same

stimulant = thinking or action) the brain reacts the same —> either it became routine

or immune.

Then once this tendency was established, the brain become able to handle any signal, either

completely ignore it or automatically reacts with full concentrated force. This is the ZEN.

It is obvious, if anyone did [A], million times, he must become an expert, and able to do while eyes closed,

without thinking, but with exactly same precision.

Yet strange phenomenon is that the person who mastered to do the thing without thinking, also become able

to see (or concentrate) only the subject and able to [not to see] others. Then, if necessary not to see anything.

Since the brain become more efficient, not waste energy or time, it able to see something new

or its wider implications = hidden meaning and the truth.

And, some become able to see which is invisible to others. (Literally, third eyes, or Hyper vision = able to see

such as a high-speed movement in slow-motion) —– all by the training of sensory.

(It is rather well-known phenomenon, a person encounter such as a car-accident or explosion

seeing the moving scene in slow-motion.   This is the Hyper-vision) —– ZEN is only using

natural body and brain capability, but just enhancing it. —– no fancy magic or placebo effects.

( That’s why the past Masters described it as ” Dog Shit” as it was nothing special or miraculous.   😀 )



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  1. Diane said, on October 4, 2011 at 12:36

    I can see I am going to have to re-read this post a few times. Thanks for posting and for commenting on my Biopath blog. Will head over there and do some updating when the zentime is right 😉

    • yoshizen said, on October 4, 2011 at 14:09

      I know some people reading the posts everyday again and again.
      Like a landscape, looking it every day, the eyes goes deeper and deeper.
      Then it goes even down to the invisible level. And able to see whether
      what I’m talking is right or wrong —– my blog is a stone on the pathway.
      Somebody may stumble but others may stand on top, and able to see
      even further, beyond my scope. This is what the pathway mean.

      I learned, you are very busy gifted artist 🙂
      (Almost hyper-active level 🙂 ) —– may be got too much gifts, which
      you are able to embrace in just by two hand. ( You may need either
      more hands, or creamed the essence 🙂 )

      By the way, many years ago, I was loved by a cat looks like Lucy in
      your blog. —– strangely, that somebody else’s cat keep coming and
      slept in my room every day (and goes back for the meal).
      May be my place was the most safe harmless place around 😀
      Thanks to spare the time to visit here.
      ___/\___ Yoshizen

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