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I hate Apple.

Posted in Awareness, Cyber Space, East and West, Ethos, Fate / Providence, Mind, Music, Paradox, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on October 10, 2011

Since I’ve put quotations from Steve Jobs on my previous post, some of the people got a

misconception of that I am a fan of Apple products.  Far from it, I am a proud Apple hater.

Never attracted to buy any of their product, therefore I don’t have any, except some discarded junk for spare-

parts. ( A power adapter with broken connector for Mac’ laptop, I bought for £1 from an Odds and Ends box

of a shop, wasn’t too bad for a  24 V power supply to use with stepping motor, as it is smaller

and having a built-in  fold-away main plug  )

The reason why I hated them since very beginning was, I hate their sales tactics.

Only designed and schemed for the way of money sucking system, was utterly repulsive to me.


Storing digitized music signal in a solid-state memory was a natural evolution, as I was seeing the last moment

struggle of Sony trying to cling the market by their Mini-disc, I really pitied them with a question Why ?

Though, I didn’t buy Apple’s iPod, as I saw their greed to monopolize the Music distribution system by their

monopolized  iTunes.  ( Before, I’ve been annoyed by their Mac’ design. Everything is incompatible with PC.

All the connectors are exclusive, not only the style of it, but the signal protocol, format etc, hence it needs to

have all sorts of converter. — On top of this, they are much more expensive, selling to the snobs who want to

show off. —– I despise those kind of snob most. ( Just watching heavily compressed signal of downloaded

porno, what  is the point to have so-called “ good in graphics Apple Mac “ —– don’t make me laugh.)

( Me to use bloody expensive full-frame Canon was not for fancy pretence, simply because no other camera

allow me free to use another manufacturer’s lens, even hand-made lens, while keeping auto-exposure function.

You can’t do this with any another camera —– I had no choice. )


The reason why I did put a post quoting Steve Jobs’ word ;

>>> you are not going to usea piece of plywood on the back,  even though it faces the wall and

nobody will ever see it. You will know it’s there,  so you are going to

use a beautiful piece of wood on the back.

—– is to say, in real life, he didn’t cut even a single piece of wood to make his product.  He was

not a programmer nor electronic engineer. — He only know the design spec’ which can sell.

He just pressurized others to make it —– in notorious draconian way.

Apple didn’t make any of their products, from single component (nearly 80% came from Japan )

to final assembly (in China).

But got most of the profit for themselves thanks to their inflated price.


I can imagine the pressure who supplied the component, had to face —– such as to make it 1mm even thinner

out of already minuscule 3mm high, and even with reduced price.

Everybody had to work for Apple while dripping their blood and under a fear of instant dismissal.

He was a man lived in grudge and the revenge against the people who has kicked him out of Apple before.

No wonder such obsessed hi-tensioned psyche shortened his life. I don’t think he had a happy life, neither he

gave any happiness to other people —– he only sold an empty vanity, a Myth to the mass.

When Steve Jobs realized,  that their brain couldn’t keep hold the Myth for ever, they opened the design of

APP to the outside designer ( in fact it was an ingenious solution ! ) and started to sell the APPs designed by

somebody else.  Yet another exploitation of others while running their money-making  machine for them.

And this must be the reason, why his Hero was real Ninja —– who got a deadly efficiency, able to carry out

a duty [to kill] in a most ruthless dirty manner —– contrast to useless fantasy in Superman or Spider-man.


Seeing his death, and seeing the wane of Apple, flood-gate was opened for the people to speak out.

So, I’m very curious to hear, how Steve Jobs could able to force his concept in their product design system.

( Steve Jobs invented nothing. He just used the existing technology and the components only in smaller, pretty

package = putting a lot more together, in order to give an illusion to the users that they can do a lot more.

—– To do this, the supplier of the component, such as camera, touch-pad etc had to work bloody hard to

make it even smaller with higher spec’ to fill the requirement of the Apple)


And interesting to see, how such as the Korean industry who got used to just copy, is going to do their future

business without having a sample to copy 😀

(—– It’s mean, the inspiration of Steve Jobs was at least unique to him and impossible to copy.

—– in this aspect, he WAS a unique man —– all the technology in the iPhone has been known

to the electronic industry though,  nobody else,  other than Steve Jobs

actually made it to iPhone )

It’s a funny paradox here. — (It’s easy to do, still nobody else but him did do.  He Just Did It.

It was a good sample, how to keep an Open-Mind.  And if it needs to be done, Do it.  😀 )

]]] non


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  1. jagan said, on October 10, 2011 at 18:28


    steve jobs has many patents though 😦


    • yoshizen said, on October 10, 2011 at 18:47

      Patent invented by himself or done by his employee ?
      Employee has no right to claim the ownership.
      That’s all about what I’m talking here. 😀

  2. Paul said, on October 11, 2011 at 11:41

    well, there seems to be someone in the Tech news that seems to agree with you Yoshizen: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/10/stallman_glad_jobs_gone/page2.html

    I’m intrigued by this scenario you draw, and am reminded of ‘artists’ like Damien Hurst who put things together and only use showmanship to present their art, there is no content. I dislike the Apple way, as it has only put people in furry cages with pictures of the world outside, where doors are shut to others. I particularly dislike the recent hard drive implementation whereby any non-mac hdd would send the cooling fan into screaming overdrive. Even my old imac I cannot upgrade easily beyond the RAM.

    • yoshizen said, on October 11, 2011 at 17:45

      I like your analogy of furry cage with pictures outside = to trap idiots with
      its illusion = myth = so-called brand-power 😀
      As a matter of fact, camera manufacturers are as bad as Apple, for instance
      recording format of images are all different to others, hence if you put
      half used memory card to another camera, the new data will be over written =
      loss of existing data. Still, they can be connected to ordinary TV with
      standard cable (unlike Apple’s products).
      We tend to believe the myth which promise ” you will be better off with us ”
      even though, most of us never fully utilize its function —– still live in a dream
      ” I’m a better person because I have the possibility to do it by this gadget.”
      —– I believe, my Zen talking is not an illusion. Ha ha ha 😀

  3. JamesAlabaster said, on November 10, 2011 at 22:10

    I have to generally agree with the lack of respect for what apple represents. This it the culture now, aesthetic is everything. I wouldn’t say I hate or hated Steve jobs as I didn’t know him in the slightest but the idea of Jobs the martyr makes me very annoyed. In previous generations there were always martyrs and for not incredible reasons, take princess Dianna for instance, she was the girl who’s dream came true, an exemplification of the male outline of female ambition, however she also gave alot of her life to helping the poor. Jobs seems to me to be a greedy Ceo who’s like are threatening the sovereignty and being of the poorer 99% of the human population of the planet. This makes me sick at the stupidity of the people supporting an image of a “man” that they did not know and who represents things that threaten their existence. . . but they like their ipod so all is forgotten. Aesthetic is everything.

  4. yoshizen said, on November 11, 2011 at 14:04

    So-called brand-power and even aesthetic are all in the mind.
    To make a device to a show-off gadget is also this same mind.
    Mind to worship the myth or believe a martyr.
    In real life, in order to keep Jobs’ myth, HOYA is busy making
    glass and SHARP is working hard to make its touch screen etc.

    Now on, we can see whether the myth can live without Jobs, as
    most of the devices are all looks the same =
    whether myth was in a aesthetic smoke screen or its actual innovation.
    Whether it had come from Apple or a smoke-machine called Jobs.
    Soon, the time would tell when they shows next model.

  5. Google Search | Yoshizen's Blog said, on August 21, 2013 at 09:21

    […] business practice.   And the Apple who I really hated, saw the same […]

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