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How KARMA Works

Posted in Belief system, Buddhism, Dharma, Fate / Providence, Karma, Mushin, Order of Universe, Spirituality by yoshizen on October 18, 2011

When Buddha explained the mechanism of the Dharma which is the system of the existences

and the relations between each existence and the rational of the occurrences, each action and

the consequence which shows the rules.

The rule and the reason why a wood burns = wood was made of a compound of the matters.

The matters such as C, H, O,N, Mg, Ca, K, S, P, Fe —–. And each matter such as H, Hydrogen was made of

subatomic particle, Proton, Neutron, Electron —–.

The number of Electrons define which matters are tend to combine, such as  H, C  with  O,  in order to

gain the more stable / balanced / harmonized state to a molecular like  H2O or CO2.

With the existence of those matters preconditions an occurrence of Fire, which occurs when

somebody or something put a fire = by a match or lightning etc —–.

All those observations are the basis of his understanding of the Karma, cause and the result.

Existence of  Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen etc are the cause, somebody light it up is the cause too.

The fire is the result.  Still, there is far more ramification such as the produced CO2 —– with huge scale

burning of the jungle, contributes even the change of climate and on the end, small island may disappear

with rising sea level, causing the misery to the people living there, and so on.   All those links are the Karma.

This is, in fact, the approach with the science ( whatever it was  primitive on the time ).

To see the Karma need to have the detached clear eyes, open mind, and the deep insight.

The reason why Buddha approached in this way was, nothing other than to eliminate the

uncertainty caused by the idea of the Atman which said to carry effects of  former life.

To deny the imaginary existence of the perpetual soul, so-called Atman was the starting

point of his philosophy to elucidate the truth of the Dharma.


In today’s approach in science, the attitude is the same.

To eliminate uncertainty, make the variables to the clearly defined minimum.

Such as in the clinical medical science,  make the condition the same as much as possible.

And to eliminate the bias caused by the most unreliable factor of human eyes and the mind,

use the double-blind test and so on.   The so-called Clinical Detachment = Selfless eyes is the must.

The Buddha’s approach with [Selflessness] was not a coincidence.   It was the must to deal

with the Truth,  not only for the sake of promoting the idea to deny Atman.


Even in a today’s clinical trials, such as try to establish the effect of a medicine, use double-blind test involving

as many as possible number of guinea-pig in two groups, one for a counter test with placebo —– still, there

could be a funny coincidence.

Looks almost the same and complying the same condition in the pre-examination, yet still one of the group

may consist the people who got certain tendency.  Hence, there could be a certain bias toward the result.

Nobody could predict such coincidence. —– Still, it could happen.

This is still the Karma. —– invisible part of it.


Somewhat invisible hand acted to cause this bias, as the part of the Dharma is invisible.

Sometimes it acts toward the better direction but sometimes not. Yet strangely, to

somebody toward one direction and to others opposite direction.

To pay attention to this fact and contemplates the existences of this invisible hand is the


This spiritualism was called as the Panya Paramita in the Buddhism which was not clearly

explained even by Buddha himself. —– In fact he said to have kept silence.

As Buddha kept silence,  this is the part of the Dharma,  human-being shouldn’t

touch = leave as unknowable.  ( Still, strangely it is noticeable to somebody)

An attempt to decipher this unknown was the Tantrism.  Though, as it is unknowable,  it wouldn’t work.

Otherwise thousands of Tantra Superman could have been ruling the world —– but didn’t happened.


What I’ve observed so far is,  it seems as long as we live in mushin away from greed and ego,

the Karma is kind to us.   This is the reason why the millionaire become philanthropist in their later life.

(at least avoid to have a premature miserable death) —– Late is still better than nothing.

They buy a time.    Good on them. 😀




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  1. jagan said, on October 23, 2011 at 21:23

    so yoshisan

    word is going around that steve jobs died bcos he tried ‘eastern’ thinking/method to cure cancer instead of ‘western’ method 🙂

    -^- jagan

  2. yoshizen said, on October 24, 2011 at 01:02

    If that was the case, it was yet another misjudgment he has made with his arrogance.
    He might have believed, it was the better choice, though he was not a western doctor,
    nor eastern herbalist,
    same as he was not a programmer or an electronic engineer. —– still, he believed he can.

    Apple started to sell his official biography, expecting to sell tens of millions in the world.
    AND make yet more money. (With the timing, even a death become a commodity = Capitalism !)
    This culture and the ethos of the company is exactly what S.Jobs nurtured there.
    His life was eaten away by this corrosive ethos of greed and the arrogance.
    This is exactly how Karma boomerang back.

  3. Diane said, on October 24, 2011 at 18:44

    Thanks for your “Like” on my ATC’s post Yoshizen! I was wondering – have you heard of Eckhart Tolle? I have been watching some of his Youtube videos and really enjoy his take on the ego, thoughts, detachment – very similar to yours, so like minded!

    • yoshizen said, on October 24, 2011 at 19:34

      Thank you Diane.
      Somebody mentioned his name before, but I didn’t know his Youtube.
      So, this is my first time to see him, though, I wasn’t very impressed as I couldn’t
      see the aura behind of him —– he looked like a small sales man repeating the
      sales manual composed out of ten books very well. But he is not a fraudster
      unlike a lots of so-called Guru in India 😀
      If I got opportunity, I want to see his palm line 🙂
      ( Sorry, I judge others by one glance with my intuition, still it’s got a reputation of
      90% accuracy —– It’s a family tradition to a man born in the Zen Temple )

  4. Paul said, on October 24, 2011 at 21:49

    yoshizen, I’m looking into meditation, and wondering how this can affect karma – or would be more suitable to say that dharma is fulfilled by an approach to meditation, then karma can be greatly improved? Do you meditate at all, if you don’t mind me asking.

    • yoshizen said, on October 25, 2011 at 00:18

      Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the people having a
      quiet time meditating as a practice to seek the way of Buddhism.
      Though, as I wrote long ago ” It was a misunderstanding to see
      as Buddha having a break, and just sitting (but never in full lotus
      posture = it can not be a relaxed rest) to as a serious meditation
      —– in fact, he was just taking a rest, hence no thinking, just
      having open-minded empty moment. (Moment of Mushin)
      And as I met many old vegetarian kind of people walking with clutch,
      and I knew many senior Zen priests who end up on wheel chair,
      all due to the many years of blocked blood circulation caused by
      years of sitting = I found it is not good to the human body.
      Buddha rejected the practice which is torturing the body.
      So, if it is not good to the body it is not the Buddhism.

      After all, the matter of enlightenment is to liberate the mind.
      As long as the mind was trapped and clinged to one idea, it is
      far from the liberation (“Stick to meditation” is one of it )
      Many of the Buddhist’s practice is a repeating action = which
      would lead to the empty mind = Mushin / Mind of No-mind.
      To extend this to the life in general = Life in Mushin (= without the
      mind, who is navigating the life = Dharma does)
      Life according to the Dharma is the life out of the Karma.
      Matter is to gain the Mushin. Posture is not the matter.

      I meditate when I walk, when I cut lemon :-D, in fact in any moment
      I can empty the mind = Do the things in Mushin. —– So, I don’t need
      to twist my leg ( It wouldn’t harm your Karma, but harm your leg)
      ___/\___ Yoshizen

      • Paul said, on October 25, 2011 at 14:27

        hi again. I understand your points entirely, thanks. This is why yoga and tai chi are better forms of active meditation. I think meditating would not be a great idea whilst using a sharp object, but I know you are a master of fine movement, and have understanding of mushin 🙂

        I tend to meditate in similar ways, walking, painting and when I see the first leaves of autumn or first buds of spring. You’ve seen my pictures before, and I’ve got a small site being made at http://www.mirrorplants.co.uk
        see you soon.

  5. yoshizen said, on October 25, 2011 at 16:01

    As I wrote it long ago in [Shaolin Martial Art] ( was that ?), the origin of
    Zen was started by Master Bodhidharma who opened Shaolin Temple.
    Hence, the body movement in harmony is inseparable to the Zen.
    (Perfect movement can be achieved only in Mushin = Mushin is the
    essential constituency of the Enlightenment)

    I love to see your Mandhara like image —– repeated images in geometric
    order = nature as it is but in the system and the order.

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