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Mermaid in the Flood

A photo I found in the internet —– Mermaid in the flooded city !   (Photo KEITH  K  NRT Thailand)

Forget the useless talking, whether it is appropriates or politically correct while millions of the lives were

devastated and hundreds of the people lost their lives etc —–.

Blame the government ?  Curse the heaven ?  Complain the misfortune ? —– regardless, the water is rising.

Instead of becoming desperate, be glad it was not a killer Tsunami —– at least the sky is blue.

Thanks goodness,  at least  still alive and kicking !

Open the eyes, see the bright side because anyhow dark spot may be everywhere.


So, think how to deal with the situation.   Normal business was completely out of question.

Yet still,  what people can do in their best here in the water ?

This might be the occasion only once in the life !

—– Ah,  to take this opportunity,  why not reborn to be a Mermaid.

This is the contemplation at work. —– With a touch of fun and ingenuity.  😀

This is the life of good Buddhist ( particularly fun-loving variety ) in their best resilience.

(—– But, I don’t know.   She could be good Christian. —– Is it a matter ?  😀 )

Life is to live.   Not for wasted to be in grumpy.

Anyhow, even a flood was brought by the Dharma.

If you can’t beat, join it.   Being with it,  is the better choice.   And live in its Moment.

(in this instance forget the talking of man-made climate change kind, blah, blah)



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  1. Paul said, on October 29, 2011 at 11:40

    It certainly is a fun photo; it is important to have humour to see light. even if it is reflected from dark clouds.

    • yoshizen said, on October 29, 2011 at 12:22

      Since we got limited only one life, often disrupted up and down,
      have to do the best while we can = while we ARE in that moment.
      Since that moment was created only for that moment by the
      entwined millions of factors = it’s never the same again.

      It is us to make that moment wasted in vain or fruitful.
      Same as flowers were created to bloom, we were created here to
      live in its full potential. Never hesitated even to play Mermaid 😀
      ( Flood in your house may never happened again in your life time )

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