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Can Monk get MUSHIN ?

Posted in Buddhism, East and West, Evolution of Mind, Ichijo, Mushin, Paradox, Subconsciousness, Zen in Action by yoshizen on November 6, 2011

Can Monks get Mushin, let alone Ichijo and Jizai ? —– I don’t think so. Or it may takes 50 years.

Even worse is, so-called Buddhism Academics.

How many Japanese Zen Monks can speak English, and how many of them wrote Zen book in English ?

—– This is the situation, what western people reading the Zen. = No wonder it is hard to understand

let alone able to learn Mushin,  not mention ever get Enlightenment.

What monks learning is, their trade = the business how to run their Temple.


Most of Japanese monks become monk, just happen to born as a son of priest = had to take over

temple business.    Naturally some of them might be good in English though, it is not necessary useful skill

in running the temple as virtually all of their customers are the Japanese, and most of the case they are

the old people.  So, what the trade skill to run temple ?

It is, to carry out the ceremonies which required immaculate posture, performing, chanting some mantras,

above all friendly but solemn facial expressions !

( No customer ever ask about the meaning of what they are doing   😀 )


To be qualified as a monk, —– as a formality, they have to learn Buddhism theory and its history in their

sect’s university.   Though it is in most of the case, yet another boring study.

And yet another formality, spend few months in their main temple as a novice —– except exceptionally few

exception, most of them are then ordained as an “enlightened monk”.

So, where they can learn Mushin ? (few months in the temple, cleaning the floor ? —– joking)


Buddhism Scalars are likely came from Philosophy back ground or Religious History. Naturally, they are

good in logics and semantics and may able to read ancient Pali, Tibetan and Sanskrit etc,

and must have read millions of the words.   On top of this, may have met many priest, monks while visiting

or even staying the temples —– though,

has they got time to lean what the Mushin is,  let alone to master it ?

Now, the medical science can observe the activities of the Schizophrenia’s brain by PET scan and able to

analyze what chemical effecting it and so on. Yet still, non of them able to know what is going on in the mind

of a Schizophrenia.  To treat it, doctor doesn’t need to learn to be a Schizophrenia.

But to talk about Mushin,  it is necessary to get Mushin  by him/herself first.

Able to read the ancient description about the Mushin and able to compare this script and others, doesn’t

mean they know what the Mushin is, therefore,  they are not necessary able to know what would it be if looked

by the eyes of Mushin. —– They know the words but not the meaning and its effect of changed perception.


So, this is the situation what has been written about the Zen Buddhism.

Even worse, the Buddhism is having too many conflicting notions in the same instance,

such as how detouched emotionless eyes can be compassionate eyes in the same time.

—– it is hard to complehend on the words or in thinking,  but only able to experience it

in Mushin in the situation.

To experience mean, you got actualy do it,  not by trying to understand it while sitting in a cauch.

Utterly contrary to the popular belief, Buddhism is not a religion of understanding / Meditation

but the practice of the practice. —– It wouldn’t take you to the heaven (as no such things exists)

but help you to live everyday’s life,  as you have to practically do the

endless continuous practice as your life.

( After all, life is not what you think, but what you do.   🙂 )



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  1. Rusty Covey said, on March 14, 2014 at 22:26

    At age 32 I begin searching for my true identity. The person I had become wasn’t happy and I begin to question my actions.
    2012, I read The Nine Essential Qualities of Mindfulness and I begin living in this way.
    Within a few months I had finally found myself, only something wasn’t right, until, I read about Mushing.
    There can be no fear. Only openness towards accepting life in its entirety. There are no dislikes about anything or anybody.
    In my mindset only humans possess a spirit. Although, no human is more important than anything else on this planet, for everything must be cared for just the same as we care for humans well being.
    Mushin can be achieved by letting go of pride, confidence, self-esteem and every other label that is used to compare and judge ourselves to others.
    There isn’t a conscious or subconscious mind, there is only curiosity and passion. If, there is a mind for this state it has to be a child’s mind. Ready to take on the world in a welcoming way.
    You see a challenge-I see something to do.
    You see a problem-I see something to do.
    You see a conflict-I see something to do.
    I don’t see the hassle in the struggle. Life is something to do. You only need to be passionate and curious about it.

    • yoshizen said, on March 14, 2014 at 23:24

      Yes Mushin is in the DO.
      To DO it, it only need to DO not a so-called Mindfulness. = NO mind was needed.
      You may read a post [Selflessness Demonstrated]
      ( 09-Dec’-2009)
      Thank you for your Comment.
      PS: Soon or later you may find that to DO or even to Live,
      you don’t need to have even a Passion or Curiosity, the LIFE and
      what you have to DO will come to you —– next by next.
      You just DO it moment to moment. = it was given by the Dharma.

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