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Dead Leaves ?

Posted in Buddhism, East and West, Emotion, Flower, Fun to read :-D, Natural Harmony, Zen by yoshizen on November 12, 2011

By seeing this, what you perceive about it ?

Is this a representation of the Fall and the indication of the end of era or even a shadow of death ?

Or you think, this is their loudest final fanfare, show-off the completion of their duty = their

most glorious moment,  hence it got brighter golden color ?

If you are a type of the person to feel the former, you may need to chin-up —– or are you indulging a

self-consoling emotional memories or rather sentimental [soul-searching] !

If you are the type to see it like the later, you are a person most likely to reach to the Nirvana.


In the medieval time, Japanese are pretty sombre Buddhists.

Like the plague ravaged European medieval time, japan was in the constant battle between warlords.

People thought this is the end of the world, hence Pureland Buddhism with their longing to reborn in

the Heaven became very popular.

As peaceful life was out of question, people’s mind was focused to how to die.

So that they appreciated even a cherry blossom in its moment of the end of flower, when their

flower petals are fallen like a snow is the best.   (It got a dedicated word Hana-fubuki / 花吹雪)

(Hence, cherry blossoms are connoted as the symbol of the Samurai and the Kamikaze fighters, because of

their beauty in its moment of the death — I mean their mind, not a bloody scene.   😀 )

—– since then, in Japan, Buddhism was assigned to deal with the death. —– With this misconception,

Buddhism became a formality to take care of the funeral, and not a guiding light to live positive life.

Yet still at least, it made them the most docile, decent people in the world.   😀

(But, with their suppressed psych, some time it erupt to utterly crazy creation of Manga or Cos-play kind

of culture — and it became another tradition called Kabuki / 傾き then 歌舞伎)


In reality, the tree has no such mind = when the sun light dropped below the productive level and the air

temperature become too low, the green color = Chlorophyle became redundant = then another chemical such

as Carotene which happen to have red or orange color which has been masked by the green color become

visible = hence the leaf looks changed its color, and then they fall.

It is nothing to do with the life or death to them as they got the buds of yet another leaves

prepared for the next spring = it is just their cycle of the life.


—– still, we give plenty thought when we see the  Autumn leaves in its red color.

Lots of thoughts, memories, regrets etc etc —– all just in the mind.

To the clear eyes, they are just the Fallen Leaves.   (Zen often spoil the fun.   Sorry guys.   :-D)




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  1. Paul said, on November 13, 2011 at 16:44

    yet again you educate me, and remind of so many other things. Recall the iceberg of social interaction? There is also the iceberg of reality which this article reminds me of. Like dogs and cats that sense more than we do, our perceptions lead us to various conclusions, like the alchemists calling fire a liquid. ‘phogiston’. science is a way which we can know beyond our senses and be aware of how things can be. With reference to your dead leaves reference, there is a great monty python sketch which follows along a little: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp1HVg_J7QA. Walking through the park in Greenwich today and thinking about your post, I began to think that the trees are just having a ‘haircut’. The leaves are not individuals, but part of the individual, and make a great brown carpet to play in….

    • yoshizen said, on November 13, 2011 at 18:16

      As ever, your comments always are having rich thought provoking words.
      It’s invite me to write further handful posts, such as for the [seasons],
      [mind => creativity], [life and the mind], [part of —], [hair cut — when we
      got bald head 🙂 ] —–
      Oh, before all the fallen leaves gone, I have to pop out to take picture of its carpet 🙂

  2. Chandana Thilakasiri Kumara said, on November 28, 2011 at 09:25

    We want your Help.
    Hello dear, I’m From Sri Lanka. Srilanka is a Pure Buddhist country as you
    know. The Buddhism is the only way to the peace proses. It’s only paramount
    truth of the world. Ta day whole world is a military area. There is no peace in
    the world.
    Therefore we must bring lode Buddha”s peace massage to the world. Many
    are waiting for lode Buddha’s peace massage. We should start a The Buddha’s
    peace massage center to broadcast pure Buddhist massage to the world. I’m
    waiting for your help.

    Thank you,

    • yoshizen said, on November 28, 2011 at 13:31

      Dear Chandana

      Thank you very much to visit here.
      I’m very much impressed as you got your facebook ID code
      having the number *** 1805 44, it showed that you are a member
      of the inner circle, its mean Lord Buddha or the Dharma is paying attention to you.
      (What this number mean —– please Google [8150 Story] )
      (By the way, I can’t go to the site of face-something, they are yet another evil 😀 )

      I know your urgent worry to long the peace. What can we do ? ——-
      Yes, we have to do something.
      First, start from here

      Listen, Dear Chandana, you got open your Clear eyes.
      Have look, Srilanka is not a Pure Buddhist country, hence she got long war.
      It was a naked crush of two Ego.
      Lord Buddha taught how to curve the Ego though, unfortunately Tamil was not the Buddhist.
      So that, it asking another approach.
      I’m not a politician nor having magic power to save the world.
      I’m a small messenger to read the Lord Buddha’s Original Words.
      = What he himself originally meant = not the later wishful interpretations.

      The Dharma works as the interactions of billions of factors in moment to moment.
      The Dharma was not created by Lord Buddha.
      But, Lord Buddha elucidated and showed us what it’s mechanisms are.
      With Lord Buddha’s guidance, we have to observe how current situation in
      the Dharma, and the cycle of the Karma of which we mankind caused to the world.
      And we have to see how the Dharma is seeing us, with our clear eyes.
      = this is the start.

      Your worry itself is in your mind = hence, worry itself wouldn’t solve any trouble.
      See the clear picture what is going on, such as what the politicians are doing.
      Then we can see what we can DO in its best.
      But, Dear Chandana. Don’t forget What
      Lord Buddha taught in his For Noble Truth. [Life is suffering] War is an illness of this Planet.
      Illness itself,so as the war, it’s a part of the body = part of the Dharma.
      Medical science may alleviate the pain, but may not able to wipe-out the existence of virus.
      Since, virus is also a part of the Dharma.
      Therefore, imagining the world without illness or war is a Delusion.(such as sham guru is telling)
      To seek the better way, live with virus, live with war is what we have to think.
      How do you think ?

  3. Hayden Ciminera said, on December 7, 2011 at 19:21

    Okay so I have two blogs, one with blogger and one with wordpress, both have the same content. However, no one is visiting my blogger site, while people are visiting the wordpress one. How can I increase traffic on the blogger site?.

    • yoshizen said, on December 7, 2011 at 23:49

      I might be the most unqualified person to answer your question.
      My name is not on any SNS, I have accounts on You-tube, Gmail and Yahoo
      though all under different names. = because of they are in the different name
      it has been refused to be publicized in such as Twitter or Yaphoo.
      And I have no idea what is Ping or RSS feed etc.
      I don’t have Web-site, neither keen to show off my photos in Frickr kind.
      Still Yoshizen blog has been on top of the google list, but interestingly
      majority of the visitors didn’t remember the name of this blog.
      My reader remembered what was talked about in here and Google with its
      subject such as [wire sculpture] [zen artist] etc. and having hundred hits per day.
      —– it suggests, the matter is the contents.

      The link on your name is not even functioning —– so, I have no idea
      what you are blogging nor who you are.
      (As far as I know, most of the blog doesn’t have more than 10~20 visitors in year
      = your trouble or to think it is the trouble might be the cause of the trouble.
      Better become aware, having no visitor is natural)

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