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Cognition – Expectation – Speculation

Posted in Buddhism, Cyber Space, Evolution of Brain, Intelligence, Mind, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on November 19, 2011

When I wrote my thesis for the Sociology degree (gosh, 40 years ago), my theme was

“Lion was made with the seven deer he ate” = Our lives were based on the intake of not only the food

but also depend on the intake of the information. This pattern is common from the simplest mono-cell

organism to highly evolved animal like us and even a huge social organization or corporate.

What makes the difference of their degree of evolution is, how far the objective / projection is,

in the time perspective = instant reaction to many years long-term development project.


Until a mono-cell organism actually bumped a food or danger, they couldn’t react.

But the elephants may go to a water-hole they had seen 40 years ago when they got severe drought.

They expect to find it even beyond the weeks of walk.

And we (well, some of us) are experimenting about how Neutrino behave, for any possible

application of its use or knowledges for an unknown future. —– all depend on how much we

have the data to make a judgment and a decision-making.

For my thesis, I made a frame-work to analyze the decision-making of the people, analyze the

[Information sphere] of the people (in its group or social cluster) by their use of the words in comparison to

the use of the same words in the media —– such as the words “social class” were more often used by the people

who is reading the left-wing media = hence they are most likely to respond according to what media was suggesting.

(And this is what Google is doing now by picking the key-word in our Email !)


Zen is suggesting to eliminate the useless thinking when we react or for decision-making. —– though, even when

our hand picks up a tea-cup, the position of the cup has been coordinated in the 3D sphere, hence our hand, each

bones and muscles are able to move correct direction and proper distance.

Our brain is projecting, if the hand moves in such way and so much, it would reaches to the cup, with an

assumption of the visual information from the eyes is correct.

Simply they has been done without we are noticing that we are processing the data.

—– So, the matter is how much is too much.   (Too much thinking read you to nowhere, yet if

literally no thinking at all,  our hand may not able to pick a teacup).

In comparison to the expectation and speculation, cognition is mostly passive, but expectation

is inflated with a wishful thinking or even a delusion.  This is where its trouble starts.


Our human lives are based on the projected expectation.   Even when we were the hunter-gatherer, to go to

the beach was to pick the sea food. = they knew it’s there from the experiences or other’s direction.

So as the economic activities and its decision-makings are.  In here, the greed inflated wishful thinking comes in.

Spanish has expected, the English holiday maker and the retired rich would buy their holiday villa. = Hence they

invested so much money to build the holiday villa,  hotels etc. —– though, after Lehman shock,  all those

speculation busted. = trouble was, the money they invested was not their own money but the money

borrowed from the bank.   Not only the people working in the building industry and their supply chain but

whole economy collapsed, end up with 20% unemployment.

When the developer decided to build, it was the firm anticipation to expect pretty reasonable return of which

the bankers had the same anticipation, hence they rent the money.

Though, it was regarded to be a careless speculation, mistake they made. = therefore inevitable

consequence they are suffering now.


So, a funny question is, what makes the difference between anticipation / expectation and the

speculation ? —– if it was right in the hind-sight, it was the expectation, and if it was wrong,

was it the speculation ? ———- the trouble is, a famous speculator who made huge, huge money with

his speculation,  like George Soros,  his speculation was proved to be right, hence he made money.

—– was his speculation,  made by days of thinking / analysis,  or unknown kind of sheer hunch ?

So far I haven’t heard a story of Zen meditation made any money-making good speculation 😀

And even though, my mother was so accurate to see the future,  still all the prediction about herself was not

correct (she expected her life may end 50 something though,  she lived much longer in her 80s)

What she taught me was, even the Chinese I-chin, it wouldn’t work when the matter is related to the

own ego or greed. = Spiritualism and money-making can not go together.


In the cyber space, the information sphere is almost completely open.

We are no longer limited to a single view of the TYPE of media = theoretically, we can seek any information,

and to have free thinking and own judgment —– really ?

Yet, the last barrier seems to be, our own EGO and the GREED.   Ego and the greed makes the

one’s view to very narrow scope, limiting it just to a money game, dropping all the view for the

social implication.   Open mind is not only for new idea, but to see the world in every aspects.

( If there was not such blind greed in the bankers or speculators, the economical mayhem which the world is

now facing, wouldn’t be there in the first place)


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