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Artist’s Party just went on and on and on —–

Posted in Art, Existentialism, Fun to read :-D, Kinetorori, Music, Photography, Who is Yoshizen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on November 28, 2011

Last week-end there was an artist’s party which turned out to be pretty big fantastic party.

Artists though, it’s not a fine-art kind, Stage designer, Sound engineer, Film (video) maker, Photographer,

Graphic designer, Costume designer, DJ  etc etc, —— in certain extent, they are working craftsman.

Hence, talking are not abstract theory but more practical, technical kind which I like more.

As it was a party, my main aim was to have an enough exercise (generally called dancing)  with Jungle

or German base kind of music.  And I went there with Camera and my Rotating LED dancing costume.  😀

As the theme of the Party was the God, Goddess, kind  🙂  some had appeared with rather fancy attire

and a make up (and some had gone pretty far —– though, for the Stage, Film people it must be easy business.)

Whole house has been decorated with huge print out of Godly figure and the decorations.

Egyptian to Roman, even a Japanese mythical Goddess of Amateras  !

And of cause,  looks not necessary Godly figured folks as well —– ( So-called good earthly creatures  😀 )

A specially designed strange furniture (?) for the party was = like this in the photo. (You put name it)

Which can be climbed and parched on it = rather comfortable to sit on.

Where such imagination came from, and the effort to build this, from scratch,  just for a fun for

one night party ! —– This is the demonstration of an Italian extravaganza !

As in a guise of Venerable Holy Man Yoshizen  😀    I drunk orange juice.   (I brought Apple juice, since I hate Apple

though, it disappeared, hence I had to settle with orange ) —– was not a big issue though.

And so on —– so on.

Since the house literally having Audio engineer, DJ-in-residents, their set up was professional.

And the friends came to see and dance, expecting to have it in professional standard.  🙂

Good, good.  Excellent  🙂

And it went on and on and on —— till next morning.

This is what the Party should be.  And it was a terrific fun.

___/\___  ( It doesn’t contradict  Zen  😀  /  Far from it,  just giving a fun for hundred of the guests,

—————-pay so much effort and the work, and perfected it —– is nothing but the Zen.

—————-Believe me, as Yoshizen is saying so.   Ha ha ha  😀  )

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