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OFFENSIVE — What ? ? ?

How interesting, after more than a year, some clicked LIKE but non ever clicked Don’t like, or

never received even a single negative comment —– my You tube video clips was identified as

[Potentially Offensive] —– What ? I beg your pardon ? ? ?

Since I couldn’t have any more information, I don’t have any detail, which one, in what extent ?


Potentially offensive, dangerous etc can be said against anything, by anybody —–

Yes, Baseball bat, Cricket bat are [potentially] dangerous killing weapons, as the facts showed that they

have been actually used to kill a man.

Well manicured nails are [potentially] dangerous weapons, it could cause an injury which may needs

hospital treatment, where the spread of life threatening MRS is a common feature there, and a person

who contracted such deprecating illness could [potentially] die.

But those are the statistical probabilities = may be [potential] one in millions.

The notion of [offensive] came from the imagination = to make a specific imaginary

connection to something they imagined socially or personally , what-so-ever unacceptable,

even just for a single person.    If one person felt offended, it’s mean it is Offensive. —– Is it ?

Isn’t it a trouble of the person’s own imagination ? —– or obsessive delusion kind.


While displaying thousands of killing scene video-clips from Arab springs etc, I’m nothing but amazed by

so-called [You tube community’s] mind-set.  Who are they ?

If you search in You tube while typing Virtual Woman, Funny image or Condom, you will find the

thousands of dubious images or really low grade innuendo.

As I wrote in my post featuring my sculpture Virtual Woman, I created this wire mesh torso to see how

our psyche works. —– and I made it rotates like a computer cage design like a virtual image in a screen.

—– Any 3D body-design in the computer starts from a naked body, of cause.

Putting a skin, costume comes after.  Feel explicit image out of wire mesh is a really mindful imagination !

—– Or, was it because, it looks like a human barbecue ? “Juicy and succulent” Ha ha ha 😀

Incidentally, I saw the lords of looks like dead naked bodies in the dark basement of latest

Secret Cinema’s event at St. John’s Street, London. They looked pretty realistic in its shape though,

they were made by plastic films and shredded paper. —– so, how a twisted metal mesh can be offensive ?


Or, are they talking about blowing-up a condom ? —– Oh, c’mon. It’s nothing new.

Hundreds of You tube images blowing up a condom.

——— ? ? ?

Or, are they trying to make a fuss, in order to stir a news, expecting me to make a mountain

out of mole hill ?  Any publicities are good for them.

Fortunately or unfortunately for them, I’m a Zen Buddhist.

I’m not seeking a trouble which wouldn’t be an exciting fun.

Even HM the Queen treasuring the drawing of penis in her collection and Tracy Ermin’s open-leg

drawing of her genitals are the ART,  so what offensive my sculptures —– is it, because they are

the great Leonard DaVinci and Tracy Ermin, but I’m just Yoshizen / Kinetorori = M m m,

Isn’t it very discriminative OFFENSIVE view ?  Isn’t it a contempt to Offend me ?


Whether, it was their joke or not, I haven’t received any formal notice (they got my real Email address)

nor my video-clips have been removed (— yet ?) by them.

So, watch the space for any fun-full out-come. 😀

___/\___    Peace for the World and the Cyberspace.   Ha ha ha.

– – –

PS:   After I have blogged here and Tweeted,  You tube withdrawn their comment.

—– Though, I have no idea whether they did read this blog, or just gave a second thought.   😀


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  1. san said, on December 26, 2011 at 16:47

    Nevermind Yoshi, it could have been worse for you – Google may have achieved enough mass that ‘don’t be evil’ customer reassurance is no longer necessary. There are more extreme examples of the Google banhammer. A happy life with the head in the Cloud.

    • yoshizen said, on December 26, 2011 at 17:26

      M m m,
      So, head in the Cloud is a man’s equivalent of an Ostrich’s head in the sand 😀
      How great !

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