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Higgs Boson and the Buddhism

Posted in Buddhism, Fun to read :-D, Intelligence, Karma, Mushin, Order of Universe, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on December 14, 2011

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[ Photo —- Peter  Higgs  / from  BBC News  ]

The scientific world was stirred by the news of the tale of the tail of a sub-atomic particle =

dubbed as the God Particle = Higgs Boson. —– Gotcha !

Higgs boson may not even a particle but just a remnant ripple in the invisible field.

—– Like a ripple on the still water gives off a signal, where the surface of water is, and you may notice

the existence of a clear glass panel, only when it shows a scratch mark.

—– Higgs boson is a tell-tale sign of the invisible, undetectable energy field = Higgs field which said to

give a mass to the existence.

—– When you stir a honey in a jar, you feel heavier resistance on the spoon than in a water = it would give you

heavier feeling of the same spoon. = this resistance or impedance effected on the particles (and its compound,

atoms) are called as a mass. (conventional expression of this mass in relation to the gravity is called weight =

less body weight on the Moon because of less gravity is there).

( But don’t ask me why a sub-atomic particle Neutrino can have no mass and able to move even

faster than the light. —– I don’t think even scientists does know this yet 😀 )

Still, we human seemed to discovering the relation and cause of the phenomena next by next.


Those scientific stances are perfectly in line with the Buddhism.

In the Lord Buddha’s teachings, those relation and the cause behind of the phenomena and the existences

is the Karma, and they, all together is the Dharma.

(Hence, Dharma is all the Existences and its mechanism and the rules behind)

As the dynamics of the phenomena and its momentary appearances are time dependent, so that nothing can

stay the same or permanent. —– Therefore, no perpetual soul kind = Atman can not exist.  Hence no SELF.

The reason why Lord Buddha took this stance, instead to contributes the cause of occurrences

and existences to an imaginary supernatural power = Godly existence was, because of

Lord Buddha’s mind-set was more of the scientist not a man of religion.

Religion is the matter of the belief to a particular ideological myth = not necessary to the

factual truth, therefore,  he defined such Myth as a delusion.

—– This was why,  he was called Buddha = Enlightened man,  not a divine figure or prophet.


But, what made Lord Buddha different from just a physicist was his observation towards the

invisible depth of the  human psyche (now we call as subconsciousness) and found a way to

reprogram this subconsciousness through the practice.

Practice to make a person able to do the things or to live, without useless thinking (in Mushin /

Mind of No-mind) and ultimately able to see the invisible part of the Dharma. (and lives with it).

Even the most advanced science still having left quite large unknown part, we human still couldn’t able to know

what ourselves are. —– Yet, the Lord Buddha’s insight was reaching to this area.


—– In the dawn of the cosmic science, scientists imagined a medium which should fill the space of the vacuum

by which the light-wave can travel,  was the Ether.

The existence of the Higgs field could be parallel to this idea of Ether, as Higgs field fill all the space = from cosmic

space down to the internal space of the material which spread between the sub-atomic particles.

Therefore, this ultimate universal field is the invisible part of the Dharma.

—– I suspect, there could be a possibility, — this universal medium = continuous energy field

( Higgs field ) was the very medium which is contributing the way of the psychic communication,

and this is the ultimate meaning of the Dharma, 

which Lord Buddha called [Panya Paramita].

If this is the case, of cause, the Dharma is everywhere and as it immerse all the existences

= “Everybody posses the Dharma within” !

—– This is what we Zennist are aiming to see, with our practice.



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  1. state abbreviations said, on January 3, 2012 at 08:07

    good idea im gonna try it

  2. yoshizen said, on January 3, 2012 at 09:58

    Remember, when you try to do (what so ever you DO) = Never think ” I’m TRYING”
    BUT, just DO. And just follow its progress ( if it was a sports kind, react moment to moment,
    and nothing else. If it was your business, just DO business = while doing business think
    nothing else = even a plan what to use the money you are going to get kind of thinking 🙂 )
    And let the rational of the moment to read you. ( = hence, you don’t need to think but
    almost automatic reaction === Rational of the moment and your automatic reaction is,
    what the Dharma mean.

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