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Noise in the Mad Friday

————————————————— [Night view from the Regent Studio]

The Friday, a week before the Christmas was dubbed as the Mad Friday, as so many Xmas

parties were held in this timing.   (It became apparent, that it was true, on the street scene on the way back

from the party, I saw too many drunken people hardly able to walk :-D)

And I was invited for one of them, which happened to be happened in one of a mad-house in

the north London, at Regent Studio complex next to the old Regent canal.

As huge building having so many artists, even just one floor having three parties in the same time.

And the one I went was called [nnnnn] (!) = Noise Performing Party 😀

The key person who gave me this information was, yet again the Don of the electronic everything,

James the Tallbasterd —  http://tallbasterd.wordpress.com/ — who is also organizing OWN (open wifi network)

and involved many video, music, art events —– so that I bumped many familiar faces as well.

——————————– [nnnnn] event at Ryan Jordan’s Studio / at Regent Studio, Haggerston, London]

What, I’ve planned something special for this party was to test a latest new toy came to my hand a week

ago = Canon Zoom Fish-eye lens 8mm-15mm 🙂

So far I’ve been pretty happy with my 40 years old Nikon 16mm Fish-eye lens = all of my Fish-eye photos in this

blog has been taken by this lens on Canon 5D MkII with the first ever mount adopter in the world, which I’ve

made 25 years ago, in order to use Nikon lenses on Canon EOS 620.

My general view to the lenses, Nikon had a edge over Canon about the Wide-angle lenses, though this

Canon’s Fish-eye Zoom impressed me with its even quality of the image, corner to corner even with the aperture

fully opened (though, I found quite big color aberration, and the lens is not F4, but about F4.8 = the exposure

showed half stop under —– still, it wouldn’t be so much trouble = just give an exposure compensation)

(On the photo below, blue edge of the circle was caused by the Color aberration and it is persistent in any F-stop)

—————————————————– [James Stevens  and   Adnan Hadzi]

The party started with German base beat ! with my big appreciation. And next good things was that the floor

was a painted concrete = just right grip to the shoes (fluffy carpet imped the quick foot movement)

———————————————————[James  and  Adnan]

Then, James and Adnan started their creation in their noise oscillator and the synchronized video images.

James’ noise generator has two adjustments, on top of the photo sensitive element which give a Thermin like

frequency control. —– still, the noise is nothing but noisy —– sorry to say.  Ha ha ha  😀

Noise approach to the sound hasn’t reached to the level, fit to the human consumption yet.  😀

[Rob Canning and Antonio Glanopolos] [Jonathan Kemp] ———————-[Tim Goldie and his mate]

The second performers, — was using his electric guitar as a noise source with heavily tinkered synthesized

noise jammed with another computer generated noises.

The third performer’s sound was even more destructive computer generated bong bong noise.

( I don’t think, louder sound doesn’t mean impressive  😀  )

————————————————-[ Tim Goldie]

Then the forth group was resorting much of their sound source and lighting control in analog way = by using

snare drum as a noise generator and other (veiled lady) manually switch on and off the fluorescent lights.

This one was more of the theatrical performance than a noise player —– still as destructive as others.

Very peculiar scene was, the most of the people came to this event knowingly what the Noise

performance is, —– still, fed-up its noisiness and came-out the door to have a chat outside 😀

Well, it might be an excuse to have a party and drink. —– Ha ha ha 😀

( In fact, there was one more performer played though,  it was too much to stay inside = hence no photos )

—– Our ancestor spend hundreds of years to sort-out what the sound should be, out of the noises, and refined

the music instrument they invented, and created a way of tuning and the tonal scale, rhythm and the harmony.

Constant rhythm and its BPM, and how we feel with it,  is related to our heart beat, and the tone whether it

is miner or major is directly affecting our emotion —– anything out of this rules = random noise is a noise.

—– ? ? ?

Of cause, anybody has a right to question “ If not” —– though,  It’s a same old question.


Funny you may find in the aspect of Zen. Zen chase the better and the best of what ever the subject.

And deal with the subject alone as if no other subject exist in the life (at the moment) = (it called mindfulness).

A Tea master may spent 10 years to achieve fine smooth bubble in his Matcha (powdered tea) = achieve the

best is (strangely) human tendency (or obsession  😀 ).  —– No question of what it is for.

It is the closed sphere or circuit.   So, to push the possibility of  Noise to the limit is exactly in the same context.

BUT, tea bubble wouldn’t affect anybody out of its sphere though, Noise travel in the air = reaching other’s ears.

It’s a trouble.    Ha ha ha  😀

Even if it stand highly philosophical, noble notion = sound only reaches to one of the most primitive  sensor of

our organ / ears = its first perception is dangerous or not, good or bad = very basic feelings = far from noble.

Still, the noise itself wouldn’t kill you, if not bad to the ears. ( Trouble is, you only realize it in your later life 😦 )

Nevertheless, seeing familiar faces and chat “ How you happen to know this ?” —– and find

the overlapping networks = in fact, how close we each others are = or how small the world is !

Loud noise would also teach you,  how nice to have quiet peace is. —– Sigh ! —– Ha ha ha 😀



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  1. Makiko said, on December 21, 2011 at 09:39

    Hi Yoshizen san, It was really nice to meeting you at this event!

  2. yoshizen said, on December 21, 2011 at 13:24

    So, you finally found here. Good good 🙂

  3. Recapped « Tallbastard said, on December 28, 2011 at 09:33

    […] On friday Adnan, Rob and YT from Deckspace will visit Ryan at his place in Andrews House to add our bit of Micro Noise to the gale persisting there. you can see Yoshi’s photo report here! […]

  4. Adolph Mcmurray said, on January 5, 2012 at 16:55

    I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  5. yoshizen said, on January 5, 2012 at 19:26

    Glad, you found hidden fun here 😀
    Thank you for stopping here and please come again 🙂

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