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What Lord Buddha originally taught ? ? ?

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My task is to find what the original

Lord Buddha’s teachings then 2500 years ago ?

As I wrote on the beginning, there was no direct recording ( I mean written ) of his words.

Even the earliest written scripture were made more than 200 years after his death.

So, does the earliest scripture Agama is telling true story —– I’m not very sure.

There is a Mantra in the Argama which is listing up what was the bodily appearances of

Lord Buddha. —– 32 major signs and another 80 miner signs of them.   (See Wikipedia 🙂 )

—– ? ? ?   Really ?

Among major signs, it is said that he had [ blue eyes ] —– M m m,  Really  ? ? ?


Lord Buddha came from the family of the elected local chief = ruling family, but not rely on a military

power = seemingly a kind of Democracy there then.  —– Still, the dominant rich family could be a descendant

of the invader / conqueror = foreign people who got blue eyes, —– Caucasian ?.

Or a roving sword’s master with blue eyes / Hero who were married to a daughter of the King,  hence his

descendant could have blue eyes though, —– I’m very much doubt of it.   (No such historical fact there )


Something certain is that the author of the mantra had a fascination / admiration to the blue eyes = almost

like a fanatic fan who chase Rock star.  (Despite, the idolized personal worshiping was prohibited by

Lord Buddha himself on his death bed)

And of cause, the author or the preceding people who had been keeping the teachings in a verbal form =

reciting the memories mouth to mouth, had never met

Lord Buddha himself nor able to give any rational thought while copying it. = It’s mean, despite of

Lord Buddha’s teaching [ Don’t believe the words, but think it yourself] the people had been

blindly following and believing what was toled. (regardless whether it was true or not)


Make the situation worse was that those people who compiled the Mantras, the professional monks who

almost monopolized the writing, reading skill needed to justify their position and to enrich themselves by

tinkering the Buddha’s stories.  Later addition of the story/Mantra, such as that the Vedic God came to see

Lord Buddha and paid their respect was,  intended to show off the supremacy over the Hinduism.

Therefore, when we read those even earliest scriptures, we have to read them with a pinch of salt =

diligently follow the teaching of [Think yourself] = (this teaching seemed to be a true word of

Lord Buddha as it is not necessary convenient to the money-making monks = still,  not  altered) 😀


While reading and thinking, we have to distinguish, what is metaphor of what, in reference to the real life =

your real life.   Especially, when it is dealing with the matters of our mind, as they are not necessary visible,

we need to give a very good insight.    And most importantly, give an insight to what was not written = such

as about their mundane dairy life in the community,  who got only a rice bowl in a bag = exactly the same

dairy practice was carried out.  And the instruction or advice to individual follower = that was the

Real Teaching given by Lord Buddha = which is the most crucial, but missing in the script.

———- In the situation of dairy life, to see what

Lord Buddha was doing, his body movement, attitude was what the CORE of the TEACHING.

That was why, all the Buddhist sects are telling importance of the dairy life.  ( Because the

Buddhism is not what you’ve read or understood, but what you are actually doing  = this

actual action become an habit which reflects into your subconsciousness = you only

learn this from ” DOING it by Yourself ” —– not from reading or thinking )

In a mantra, gone too-far-fetched glorious stories are likely just a glorious story, elaborating the glory of

Lord Buddha, nothing other than that.  ( In fact, it was a self indulgent of a monk who wrote the story)


This is the reason why I’ve been relying on the reference to the science, since

Lord Buddha had very good observation and the insight in rational approach = very

scientific mind-set.  (But don’t expect the Modern science, it was 2500 years ago —– still,

Lord Buddha’s insight to the human mind is,  even in today’s standard,  astonishing.)

In comparison to the Hindu approaches, to see the natural phenomena —– instead of contributing

them to each God in charges with,  but see the facts and its relation, and understand it in the

frame-work of cause and effect is nothing but the scientific thinking.

———- With a psychological profile, I’ve been thinking

Lord Buddha was a scientist,  whose insight even reached to the edge of the Universe

And he found those rationally interacting system and its rules as the Dharma.



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