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Words and MIND

To think about the MIND matter, naturally I had to think where the Mind originally came from.

Our internal drive itself may not necessary connected to the mind.   In fact, majority of our body’s activities

such as the internal organs were carried out without noticed even by our subconscious.

Yet, some signs given off, out of subconscious may affect our mood.

When a mood or body’s physiological condition were noticed by the consciousness,

this conscious may be categorized and some of them were given a generalized notion with

its associated word. ===> With only those notions and the words, we do conscious thinking.


It’s mean, our Body and the Mind are having a Pyramid like structure with many layers.

Yet, not everything are fully connected one by one to upper structure = In other words, our conscious is

covering only very limited area of our Mind, let alone the whole Body matter.

Despite we are having an impression of [highly developed, sophisticated ] thinking process though, in fact

it was done in the pretty murky dark operation. = 90 % of thinking are done, out of our

conscious and it takes (said to be) 6 second to become clearly noticeable form by our brain.

Naturally, we see the Mind matter with a mysticism with the fancy words of, Spirit, Soul etc,

still,  Lord Buddha was the one who clearly saw this structure = what is the role of the

subconscious  (2400 years before Freud, even when the notion of [Subconscious] was not

existed) and he showed the way to tap-into its power to control human life.


I’ve been thinking that the evolution of man was linked to the change of eating habit, Fruits-eater to the Omnivore

= then, animal protein induced further development of the brain.

Omnivore is the knowledge based eating habit = to communicate and teach which one is edible = ability for

visual pattern recognition and the categorical memory (notion) was forced to develop

(otherwise couldn’t survive = intellectually selected out)

In the same time, shared knowledges and the projected, anticipated search could lead to the higher success =

verbal communication became key tool for the survival.

—– Naturally, accumulated knowledges could be summarized and lead to have the

abstract notion with word ===> abstract thinking has developed.

Those projected (When they think “Get fish” = fish is not there, but expected existence),

abstract notion (such as “Good to eat” “dangerous”) along side the emotion, created

complexed Mind.


Therefore, in my theory, the development of the language was essential to the development of the thinking

—– yet still, here is an interesting experiment with Bonobos who hasn’t got a language.

( Or, is it just a Conditioning of their basic desire to objectives ? = not a sophisticated thinking

but just a pattern connected to Banana) 😀


( An article from Gizmzg site )

App would allow humans to communicate with bonobos

The seven bonobos living at the Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa, are

a pretty smart bunch of apes. Among other things, they have a vocabulary of about 400 words

– they don’t speak those words, but instead associate the meanings of them with symbols known

as lexigrams. Using large wall-mounted touchscreen displays, they are able to communicate with

humans by touching the appropriate lexigrams on those displays. Now, the sanctuary wants to

develop an app that could be used on mobile versions of the wall screens, so

tablet-wielding bonobos could communicate from wherever they happen to be.

Read on Desktopor Read on Mobile


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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on March 31, 2012 at 17:48

    I wonder how you’re defining language in your thinking about all of this. Are you limiting it just to human forms of communication? Animals do have their own systems of communication, which could be considered “language.” I believe that many animals are self-aware and have a consciousness that gives them an ability to think, just maybe not in the way that WE think. …

    • yoshizen said, on March 31, 2012 at 18:59

      In my sentiment, I totally agree with you. But here I’m talking about the Human language and
      how it related to the development of Human Mind. (Since, I found the article of this topics)
      In this blog, I’m talking about even among the Human and in the same English, how minute difference
      of understanding is making the big difference = I can’t talk animal’s mind in the same table, can I ?

      I used to live with 9 cats and (in joke) I was boasting I speak cat’s tongue. Of which, “If we deep down
      in our psyche, as we share the primitive part of the brain, we can communicate in the same frequency.
      (I got hundreds of cat’s stories, some are utterly spooky —– still I’m looking for
      where those films has gone ?)
      Their ability to read and manipulate man’s mind is astonishing = of cause they do it with their mind.
      Still, I came to a conclusion they can’t abstract the notion = just one to one connection =
      they can not generalize.
      I’ll write about this in near future.

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