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Realistic Images of Unrealistic Future

There is a pretty comprehensive collection of art works of Futuristic landscape in the Net.

—– Here is one of its Link >   http://artprofilesworld.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/


As you can see in those images, they are the images of our current knowledge of the technological,

architectural images, when they are linearly scaled-up and pushed to the limit.

Linearly pushed mean, the concept itself doesn’t have [unimaginable leap] though,

I’m not complaining their poor imagination.

As you can see in those images, there is even a hint of

[How these society, colony are surviving and sustained]   ? ? ?


Is there any system to harvest solar energy and synthesizing Carbohydrate and Protein

(in simple term Foods to eat) out of the air and the water ?

Can you imagine, the time when the civilization had advanced to such extent = naturally, all

the harvestable natural resources had been excavated to the bottom = naturally, by excavating

such as rare-metal, toxic by-products had polluted the sea and all the fishes had long gone.


Even if 2/3rd of the Earth was covered by the water, they are non-portable (undrinkable) water.

With the heat of the Sun, evaporated water from the sea has to go somewhere = make the rainfall though,

it wouldn’t go to the desert.

With the over exploitation of the timber and the minerals, I don’t think the Jungles like in Amazon or

in Africa are still there.   The rain fall to the tree-less land only makes flush flood, while wash off the top soil

= make the land to yet another desert.

Where can agriculture taking place. Where the food come from, let alone the water.

To built those fancy future cities, raw material might be mined and manufactured to the structural steels,

glasses or fancy new material though, somebody who run the industry got to be a man

= where his lunch come from ?    Algae grown in the huge tanks ?


Those images may looks impressive though, they are the pure fantasies which has no

solid ground of reality.

Even now, we human being already pushed the capability, sustainability of the earth too far,

I wouldn’t imagine we are going to have a landscape anything resembling like those images.

I do much prefer to live rather fossilized archaic simple life. (So, I don’t have Smart-phone,

let alone Tablet kind, not mention even a Credit card.   No Net-porno because I can’t pay 😀 )

Simple, hence not a complication of the dairy life, therefore peace of mind 😀




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