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Estranged Buddhism = Pretense of Zen

Some days ago I encountered a man claim to be a Zenist who happened to

have read my blog, [Spoon] post and he asked me what the Spoon is to do

anything with the Zen Buddhism ?

I explained my thought behind of [Spoon] and asked him what is he doing

in Zen Buddhism. 

He said, “ I’m DOING Zen, as I am sitting and meditating everyday”. 

Though, anything beyond this he evaded the question pretending he knows everything

better than me, but it is unexplainable since, the ultimate truth can not be expressed

in the words.

So I asked again, what is his meditation for, is it to see the Dharma and

its Panya Paramita ?  He said “ I’m seeing the emptiness”

And said “ Zenist doesn’t debate” then he became silent.

—– M m m, sound familiar, = not in Zen but in Taoism.

Word to word, it is from the Taoist book, Tao te Ching (道徳経).


Like the idea of Soto Zen such as [Not express in the words] (不立文字) hence

[Direct transmission of mind to mind] (以心伝心) are all came from Chinese Taoism.

(Hence, to justify this story, famous [Flower summon] = [ Pick a Flower and Smile

Mantra] (捻華微笑経) was written in China.)

Even without the verbal explanation, while living in a Temple, a novice

can learn the Buddhism Teachings in the practice of the dairy life by way

of  [Doing the same everyday] (hence able to learn Mushin).

Though, the trouble was, how to introduce Zen Buddhism to the west.

It is impossible to teach it in one or two demonstrations. = Still it had to be explained,

or written down in an instruction book, which was not in their tradition, not mention

the monk was not necessary good for how to explain it in English.

So that, the explanation of Zen was conveniently borrowed from the

existing translation of the Tao te Ching book.

= Hence, the Zen in the west adopted a Myth in the Taoism.

And pretending to be a Sage, dwelling in the Mythical Truth, became a

stereotype of a Zen Buddhist.  Enigma became their sales point  😀

(But, while believing that the sitting is DOING the ZEN. —– hasn’t they ever

wondered,  why Tea Making or Sword Mastery is Zen too ? —– No wonder,

Spoon carving is too remote for them 😀 )


Lord Buddha didn’t give a damn to such Myth (Metaphysics) at all.

When asked about those Metaphysical question, he didn’t even bothered

to answer.  = All about the matters to the life is, to live a real life, not to dwell in a

pretense in fancy idea.  Yes, the truth could be empty = so what ?

= Does it mean “Can we live in a vacuum ?” —– Joking, we are still in the same

Samsara and still need to live mundane dairy life = nothing noble or fancy

= any fixed fancy idea or pretense is just a delusion.


Wu (or Mu in Japanese =無 ), Wu-i (or Mu-i =無為 ) in Taoism is literally Nothing

and Do nothing intentionally.  But Void or Emptiness in Buddhism is the matters in

our perception = uncertainty of our Mind and the Self.  And even though Dharma

is the physical reality, it is constantly changing

= Nothing is certain in both way (See and be seen), hence it can only be

clearly seen by the Eyes of No-eyes, Mind of No-mind. (Mind without

any Preconception or Thinking) = VOID in Buddhism is the metaphor

of this EMPTY MIND.   Hence, live in Mushin is the answer.

Before Zen, Buddhism has to be understood first.  And never mixed up with Taoism.

(Zen is a mere Practice to get MUSHIN = instead to get Mushin, but end up in a

Metaphysics of Taoism is nothing but a waste of time and the LIFE.

= Carving a Spoon is much more fun, than pretending noble EMPTY face

 and do nothing.  😀 )





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  1. fivereflections said, on May 20, 2012 at 17:29

    Lord Buddah and I sometimes disagree, but that is okay we both know the space between thoughts are who we truly are… from out of nowhere, I know who I am, in the space between thoughts.

    Now go and observe where the horizon of the sea touches the sky – I find beauty in the silence there. Far beyond silly arguments we sometimes get caught up in. The sea breeze is lovely.

    David in Maine USA

    • yoshizen said, on May 20, 2012 at 19:11

      Even among the Taoist, an Hermit in a mountain to the another, hiding behind of anonymity of the city cloud,
      there are millions of different way to live in a peace, not mention an Arhan to a Bodhisattva in the Buddhism,
      everybody had to follow their own Karma.

      So the question is, keep quiet, leave the others in there own Karma = don’t interfere or even debate
      = Lord Buddha didn’t need to teach (leave a person born to be a sufferer to live as sufferer), did he ?

      Till three years ago, I didn’t talk about Zen so much, as nobody interested in such talk. And by accident
      this blog space was created = to fill the space, I had to write something = easiest topics for me was Zen.
      I followed this Karma as it was a given task. = it was as simple as that.

      In the history of Buddhism, fierce debate was the norm. In most of the case, Sutra was written to
      clarify their stance against other sect. (Even in a Vimalakirti-Mahayana-Sutra, from top to bottom
      it was filled with debate and the accusation to others 😀 )

      • fivereflections said, on May 20, 2012 at 19:30

        a very nice reply! thanks…

  2. jagan said, on May 22, 2012 at 08:25


    i hope dharma continues to instruct you to blog!


  3. yoshizen said, on May 22, 2012 at 10:03

    It’s coming to 80,000 hits total though, nothing dramatic happened.
    It continues as the norm in my life. Since this is the norm of the Dharma.

  4. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on June 5, 2012 at 19:18

    An interesting distinction. I’m grateful for the clarification.

    • yoshizen said, on June 5, 2012 at 22:02

      Thank you very much Lemony.
      Though, please mind my theory may not be accepted by the traditionalists.
      Still I believe my explanation has the most comprehensively clarify the
      conundrum of the Zen Buddhism as a system, leaving no myth.

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