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Yet again, Higgs Boson and the Buddhism

———————————————————————————————————————- (Image from  CEAN)

Behind the any Physical Phenomenon there is always Physics

(that’s why it’s was called so :-)) and LED is one of literally very visible sample.

= When particular material was stimulated by electric current, it start to vibrate (in Atomic level)

and start to emit the Photon.  As its frequency of the vibration (which depends on which material

and resonating structure) is happen to be the frequency of a visible light, we see the colored light.

= Voilà this is a Light Emitting Diode !

(Another material gives off different frequency, such as invisible infra-red = We call them not LED

but Infra-red Emitter. — One of them called Gan Diode gives much lower frequency, in a

Microwave range which can stimulates the water molecules hence heat up them = so, they were

used in a Microwave Cooker to heat up our meal. :-))


LED will work only one Polarity hence it called Semiconductor.   Yet another material

which conductivity is not high like Silver or Copper = having high resistance (like Nickel-Chrome

Iron alloy), it convert the electric energy to an heat (and emits / radiates red to infra-red lay)

which ever the polarity = they are not Semiconductor hence “good old red-hot room heater” can

be connected to AC main (Alternative Current) = Polarities change 50~60 times in a second

(so that, heater can work on DC as well, such as the one in a car. :-))


In the Buddhist’s term, the existences of those materials and its structures, and how

they are functioning and interact each other = the system and its governing law of

physics are called Dharma.

When a stimulant such as Electric energy causes the material to vibrates and start to emit the

photon = those relation, cause and the result are called Karma and a part of the Dharma.

—– So, to say the Dharma is the fundamental existences and its system default, and

the Karma is a variable given, which causes and starts the chain of reactions.

(So that, unless you switch on a LED, it wouldn’t light up, even if the system = the materials and

the structure, such as thin layer of Gallium Nitrate on a Ruby crystal is there).


We human being often misunderstood that those technological inventions are solely “created” by the

human ingenuity though, it is utterly wrong, they are still within the Dharma and precisely following

the rules. = we are only utilizing its inherent character and maximizing the effect.

= We might have seen a back of a gang-star Al Capone in a bar, down town of Chicago for few seconds

= few second does not mean he exist only few seconds = he is still there out of our view.


The scientists in CERN had glimpse of the Boson by paying so much high price for a ticket

= 1.4Tv (1.4Tela Volt given to the coil = the higher the voltage, magnetic field created has

stronger push to the Proton Particle) acceleration and smashed them together

= resulted to see the artifact of Boson.  (yes, only the Artifact = If you believe, it’s there 🙂 )

= Does the Boson exists only in such condition ? —– A virus might have seen under an expensive

electron microscope, it isn’t necessary they only exists in a chamber of microscope = without

microscope’s image,  they still exists. 😀

If the Boson isn’t exists, all the Particle couldn’t have their Mass = No gravity to

bound them together = World would be just disintegrated and disappear 😀

Trouble is, we = who could be a witness, are also made-up by those particles = we disappear too.

= The effect to have the same Dharma inside of us.


I wouldn’t pretend to understand this level of Nuclear Physics, neither able to guess how

Peter Higgs could predict it on the paper, the existence of Higgs’ Boson which gives the mass to all

the particles should be there yet to be discovered !

—– So, we said to have all the elements of the Standard Model completed. —– ? ? ?

= Does it makes any difference over my life ? —– I don’t think so.

Even if the Standard Model is the ultimate truth, which is governing our existences, it wouldn’t make

any differences for me from a fantasy, useless delusion (sorry, scientists = you were payed to do the

research but I wasn’t = I have no reason to jump and dance with it’s discovery. 😀 )

Even Lord Buddha did ignored such details of the Dharma and left it unknowable.

= Even without having such knowledges, we know, we were still entwined with the Dharma.

= Still the matter for us is how to live the life in the every days front.

= I wouldn’t expect to see Boson in a super market and cook it for tonight’s soup.

Do you aware, the inside of an Apple, it has Boson = without it, it hadn’t fall to the ground hence

Newton couldn’t find the Gravity —– it must be true.  Believe me.

Ha ha ha 😀




4 Responses

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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on July 11, 2012 at 02:22

    Ha ha ha :-D. Great conclusion!

    • yoshizen said, on July 11, 2012 at 02:49

      Yes. It is the truth and the reality ! 😀

  2. aeolius said, on July 19, 2012 at 12:11

    More then that I think.
    It is not the Higgs particle that is important, because after all particles are only manifestations of energy (and vice versa). But that there exists within what is called the sub-atomic vacuum a uniform field- the Higgs field. Without the Higgs field all particles would in their wave form travel at the speed of light. But since we now have shown that there is the Higgs field, where each of the 16 known particle-wave frequency interacts differently in gaining mass, we have shown the place where the immaterial becomes material.
    That sure sounds Buddhist to me.
    Perhaps most closely alayavijnana within the Hwa Yen teachings.

    • yoshizen said, on July 19, 2012 at 12:46

      In fact, I agree with you. I’m not a scientist though, in a sort of hunch I’ve having an idea that the particle may not be such as solid matter but
      mare kink of the wave or localized vortex where the energy is concentrated = hence giving an artifact to the detector.
      Even a Photon looks like a particle though, in fact a single photon can creates W-slit interference pattern = it’s the wave = and as long as it
      gives an effect like a particle, we can handle it as if it is a particle, though it may not exists as a solid existence.
      Higg’s field might be creating only an interference hence it might be slow-down the free movement of the energy hence it is giving an impression,
      it looks heavier = giving impression of that as if it’s having a mass.
      —– it’s a wild imagination 😀

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