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Self Healing ? ! ! !

As I wrote on the previous post, I got injury and

the wounds were stitched and patched up.

This is the heaviest injury on my life.   As I used to climb the

mountain, also worked as a voluntary keeper of a mountain

shelter while cutting 10 tons of fallen tree for fire wood every

summer, and a kind of man likes to make everything, using all

sorts of sometime very sharp tools, yet I didn’t get injured.

(Though, in such environment, small cut etc is not rare at all.

In fact I cut my finger first time when I was 4 years old = first

time ever I touched a sharp knife and the finger is still carrying that scar.

= It’s mean, I’m a regular user of a plaster tape.  In fact, Plaster tape , Antiseptic cream and

Tiger balm are the all medicine I got here = nothing else.  🙂 )

(Photo of the Zombie might be up-loaded above, later  😀  😀 )


For a small cut or pierced skin, just clean the area and cover-up = may be 3~4 days, it will be healed.

(You believe, or want to believe or not, I discovered, Super Glue can close the cut and good

to cover the wounds too. —– You may try  😀  —– As a matter of fact, one type of 

Cyanoacrylate = Super Glue which will be dissolved by the water in the body, has been used for

surgical operation = doesn’t need to remove like surgical thread ) —– After all, healing is what our

body is doing, not the treatment itself.  Treatment is to remove the destructive cause, such as lodged

objects or dirt or already dead part of the body, then leave the healing business to the body’s

own mechanism = with small encouragement of stimulant to increase blood circulation or prevent

further infection by using Antiseptic or Antibiotics, wound would be healed by itself.

—– (I’m talking about physical light injury on the skin.  To inject additional metabolic substance

for the body to regain its balance etc, kind of the internal matters are out of the scope here).


If we don’t cover the wound, it will be covered by the dried up blood or bodily fluid to become

so-called Scab and under this natural cover, healing process is taking place. = In other

words we may not need to put plaster tape though, during the work, the same injured part may be

rubbed against other object etc and start bleeding again = it is better to cover up.

Still, this Scab seems to be the best protection than a plaster tape. Plaster tape keeps

the wound moist and the scared skin cell were exposed inside, hence bacteria can get in and

the infection would takes place = then the pus would be oozing out. = this infection would prolong

the healing process though, it is a necessary evil 🙂

If you observe the scar covered by scab, it pulling the skin around, hence when it was cured the

scar is more visible. Wet cure show less scar. —– any how, it’s a small patch on the skin. 🙂


It seems the scab made by the bodily-fluid which got anti-septic property, and it can keep the

wound in just right condition = germ-free and able to keep injured, exposed skin tissue in

exact right humidity. = Hard enough to be a protective shield and able to keep inside germ free,

yet able to evaporate excess moisture. —– I don’t know, is there any artificial material can do this.

Scab on the injured skin is not a kind of welcomed guest though, they are so well designed (or well

refined during the history of the evolution of the life), we should pay respect to the Nature =

or Buddhists should say the Dharma. (=Whole system of the Nature and its Rules)

Without having this badly perceived, badly named Scab any animal include us

even the plants (their bleeding sap = bodily fluid such as Rubber plant’s is not for

us to make Car-tire but to seal the wound) couldn’t survive till today. Otherwise

all the animal and the plants had been infected and eradicated by the bacteria.


Having more than inch of stitched dark scar on the forehead, I didn’t like to have dark scab on

my nose and the cheek bone hence, I’m under the patched up state. 

= Not very pretty sight in deed 😀   So, I’ve been inside all day (in fact this is the second day)

—– only the trouble is the egg and the onion has run-out — M m m ?

Should I go out shopping pretending “Frankenstein here” or walk like “Zombie” to scare local kids,

and giving them an opportunity to enjoy a nightmare or two ?   Ha ha ha 😀

It isn’t like a “Good Peaceful Buddhist” is it ? —– Otherwise settle with humble meal ?

Good question 😀




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  1. drawandshoot said, on July 10, 2012 at 03:09

    Don’t starve yourself, Yoshizen! 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on July 10, 2012 at 12:49

      Thank you Karen.
      Luckily I found frozen Salmon.
      I made this to Sashimi and with boiled Green Bean which is always there, to eat with boiled rice 🙂

      This afternoon would be the moment to cross the Rubicon, or the Alps mountain like Hannibal,
      whether perform the Apparition or ask a neighbor or friends to do a shopping. 😀
      Don’t worry, I could survive 2~3 days without eating as I did in the mountain. Ha ha ha 😀

  2. jagan said, on July 10, 2012 at 13:38

    sorry to hear about your accident. hope you get well soon!


    • yoshizen said, on July 10, 2012 at 14:07

      Thank you very much. —– anyhow cut needs 3~4 days to heal.
      (and the face become “presentable” takes further 2~3 days :-))

  3. jagan said, on July 10, 2012 at 14:49

    i am sure you will be back soon making more blog posts 🙂

    maybe u need to practice ‘walking mindfulness’ (only kidding :D)


  4. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on July 11, 2012 at 02:40

    It’s no fun being forced by an injury to take it easy, but something interesting will come or has already come out of this experience, including an adventure to the market. What did you end up having for your meal?

    • yoshizen said, on July 11, 2012 at 03:03

      One of my neighbor is working in the market etc, there is no trouble to survive 🙂
      And I’m an expert of improvisation with great open minded way 😀 😀

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