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Snap shot in Greenwich

Greenwich is a pretty small town even in an area having rather rough industrial and

naval history behind.  May be because of the reflection of the psyche of sea going people.

Unlike earth bound Army people, Naval people who knew the different world and the

navigational science had much open mind hence less bound to the old tradition.

With this reason, other than the Royal Naval College and the Royal Observatory,

the town itself doesn’t looks like an old town. = pretty smart and  posh place where no

bad tasted humberger shop in sight, despite of the millions of visiting tourists.  😀

Those dogs are  Siberian Husky, said to be a half Wolf though, it seems very well tamed 

gentle dog.  —– And to see two of them in one day in the same place was very unusual.

Seemingly, the Greenwich is having quite number of Russian population.

(Probably rich Origark.  😀 )

May be because of our far far ancestors came from the sea, we are attracted to a water,

and like to keep watching the waves.  Its mesmerizing movement is quite therapeutic.

(Its endless repeating movement vacates the brain = same as a Buddhist’s Mushin ! )

Reflection of the Cutty Sark.  One of the last Tea Clipper Cutty Sark must be the  Icon of

the British Empire.  Unless otherwise, Brits wouldn’t be bothered to restore the burnt

down ship spending hundred of million pounds.

I like this ground design.  Just a half inch deep water filling the striped shallow trench

which is giving the opportunities to the small and the grownups alike to play  🙂

Good old Telephone-box is a star these days. = though, the telephone machine itself is

not old = far from it, it is a broadband connected internet machine  🙂

And, the hottest day (so far in this year) is going to have a peaceful Sunset. 



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