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What ??? Olympic in Greenwich ?

WW of OWN (Wireless Work-shop or Wednesday’s Work-shop of Open Wireless Net-work )

was held every Wednesday at Greenwich = I walked around there and discovered that the

Equestrian game of Olympic was held in the Greenwich Park.  (in fact, I knew that  😀 )

So that, two days before Opening, the town and the Pubs everywhere were filled with

those officials and each team members, and the access to the park was blocked to the

public. —– still, chat with those “Hose People” was a fun   🙂

Yet the tension of the security was very high.  Especially, the failure of G4 Security

company to recruit enough staffs, and the last minutes drafted in thousands of

soldiers giving rather stiff impression to the atmosphere.

M m m m ! ?

And the officials and the staffs of quasi organization are filling the town.

Advertisements of sponsors are every where and the news paper, magazine articles were

all about Olympic, though, for me, unlike in the old days when I had a Press-pass, and

bought no ticket at all, I have no access to anywhere. 

Anyhow, as I don’t watch TV, Olympic seems so remote = I’m in another Planet   😀

Never mind, Sun still rise and set. 

I just say Good luck to all the people competing in the game.  🙂



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