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INTUITION / Face reading in the Szondi Test

In the previous post I gave rather vague and not

necessary positive impression about the Intuition.

It’s because of the invisible nature of the

subconscious brain activities.

Yet still, (strangely, or as a family tradition ?) I got

pretty good accurate intuition.

I can assess the person in one glance, even in a

distance or from a photograph.

Trouble is, even if visible phenomenon is there, still

I have to give a guess-work to analyze its mechanism = how it’s works.


It’s strange though, every body can see the personality from a portrait photograph

—– or at least able to judge like or dislike at once.

No body knows how it was done, but this is an obvious fact.

Even with its vagueness of the Intuition, still, some way of the practical use

has been exploited with significantly high reliability.

—– One area is to read the air reconnaissance photograph in the military front. (This is a fact,

not a joke 🙂 ) Instead to scan the details of whole area which is utterly time consuming

laborious work, but just see all the aria with open-eyed detachment —– then

suddenly somewhere catch the attention. The photograph was not necessary showing

typical military installation but giving somewhat odd impression. Then give a detailed

inspection = Boila, enemy’s activities ! This intuitive method is actually employed in

the Military ground image analysis, because of its quick process with

amazing accuracy.

—– And somewhere in this blog, I wrote about a Rail-way Ticket-inspector who

can intuitively distinguish ticket-cheats among hundreds of passengers

passing through in every minutes, with almost 100% accuracy.


In Psycho-analysis , there is a test called [Szondi Test] invented by a

Hungarian Dr Leopold Szondi. = It is a very simple test = Just chose which person

you like and dislike among 48 photos of the faces.

(You can read this in the Wikipedia, please see yourself its detail.)

—– In fact, when I was in my secondary school, we had this test which gave the result

such as “You are an aggressive sadist” or “Depressive, passive person” and so on, rather

not nice to tell to the 13,14 year old kids though, we were very surprised as its

assessment was amazingly spot-on.

Originally, those 48 photos were in fact, Mental Hospital Patients whose Character or

Pathological symptom was clearly known, such as a person who was a sadistic murderer or

suffering depression etc etc and the person under the test feel like to chose a face who

got the same character, which the person can Intuitively see from a photo

= hence, if you are a maniac, you chose the photo of a maniac as your favourite.

(— sound awful though, this is what we do unconsciously / Intuitively !

= Hence feather gathers :-))

(The test I had, was an American version which was using 4 or 5 sets of 48 photos of

the Prisoners —– that’s what the teacher told us, after the test)

—– As an intelligent decent boy I was (might not true now. 😀 :-D), I’ve chosen looked like

decent-faced, intelligent man’s photos (= hence, I got the assessment, saying “You are an

intelligent decent man with good common-sense, etc = Yes, that’s who I was. Honest. :-D)

Seeing the photos, I couldn’t imagine if anybody dare to chose another gloomy looking faces

—– then we realized, somebody had actually chosen those gloomy faces, hence received the

assessment “You are a sadist” ! = In fact this boy was a notorious bully, so, all of us burst

into laughing. —– (Before 60s, there wasn’t a kind of Human Right notion to protect

sensitive personal nature and anyhow, we all knew the character of every body, we took it

more like yet another mocking = Nobody complained that its assessment was wrong, nor

complained that his secret has been exposed. = It was a fun for the kids. :-D)


Though, it may not a fun, this psychological test strip you naked = as you intuitively, feel

like particular face and put a mark without knowing why, you can’t hide who really you are.

And, because of this test is blatantly accurate and ruthlessly explicit, yet as no scientific

explanation (= as in a nature of the invisible psychological phenomenon ), and especially in

the today’s “Human Right, Sensitive Privacy, Political-Correctness etc etc” kind of awkward

social climate, it became out of fashion, so that, not many psychologist is using it now.

Yet, this is the most visible demonstration of how our subconscious mind /

intuition actually works, by showing the character with known pathological symptom,

and observe direct coloration between the viewed person (photo) and the viewer.

= Because of no information, other than the facial photos, viewer has to use

solely intuitive perception.

Other than this test, it is difficult to visibly test and demonstrate accuracy of our intuition.

( remaining question is how a person’s character or symptom shows up on the face or

even on the photograph —– I wonder, am I looks like Zen Buddhist ?

—– Or was that what Master Kogetsu found on my face ? ? ? :-D)


It is impossible to teach Intuition, same as a creativity in the art or invention.

And same as a vision of Medicine-man = apprentice may not have the same mental ability,

so-that a second class Medicine-man needed to resort with hallucinogenic drag.

We can not swap the eyes with other person , let alone the mind = without the apprentice

having had a real experience, it is no point to teach the meaning of the vision or even

humble Intuition.   Explanation in the words is utterly pointless = because the

part of the brain which perceive Intuition and processing Language are

completely different. = Somebody can do better but not others.

—– Such as a Ticket inspector aforesaid = he was the best in the station, still it was

impossible to teach others because he, himself didn’t know how and why, where to look for.

Neither me can explain why I can see the personality at once = I only feel —– even if

I try to say such as a shape of the mouth brah, brah though, it’s not necessary make an

explanation since, there are too many variations and exceptions.

And all the faces are different.

—– One face contains thousands of the informations, and as in total, it gives off the

impression of who the person is = hence, few parameter of the biometrics wouldn’t and

couldn’t give an answer.

If you imagine, the very same face can express thousands of different

expressions by minute movement of the muscles —– Only Intuitive

perception can grub those informations in total, at once.

But its mechanism is still beyond the our understanding. Funny paradox is, they are all

in the same Brain, yet we don’t know what other part of the Brain is doing.

We know everything else, but not our own brain, let alone its contents = mind.



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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on October 26, 2012 at 01:22

    So interesting! Like you, I can assess a person in an instant, but am not quite sure how I’m gathering the information (is it just the face? I feel like there is more to it… Aren’t we picking up some sort of energy from a person?) I’ve wondered though if it would work for photographs because often a person’s expression is artificial or forced. How much of the person’s real self comes through in a photograph (especially if that person doesn’t want the photograph to be taken–a prisoner or a hospital patient, for example)?

    • yoshizen said, on October 26, 2012 at 02:46

      This is the subject, people can talk about hundreds of matters still, interesting (and defining) point is
      that more than half century later, an original photo of say “Paranoid” was distinguished by a yet another
      “Paranoid” today. It’s almost spooky though, such as gay can see who is gay in one glance.
      We can see “Artificial” smile at once can’t we ?
      More information may help, but, may destruct as well. Lots of people fallen victim of fraudsters, despite of
      his eyes, still people were conned by his sweet words. (Best sample is, have look your politician !!! ) 😀

  2. Szondi Test | Yoshizen's Blog said, on May 28, 2014 at 16:40

    […] “Szondi Test”. […]

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