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Info’ and Link for 2013 NEW YEAR CARD Design

—– (You may see rather funny, in the design above = A snake is in a Shape of  Kanji Character

—– /巳 which mean snake though, this letter has been used only to describe Snake-year —–

—– otherwise another Kanji / 蛇  will be used for a Snake in general)


Gosh, I started to receive the Search-terms for New Year’s Card again. 🙂

And the Japan Post started to sell their Official New Year’s Card / 年賀状(Nenga-jo) with

lottery /お歳玉 (Otoshi-dama) = (It’s the institutionalized Japanese annual custom =

never mind a Christmas Card, but without having the New Year’s Cards / 年賀状

Japanese couldn’t have a New Year. (Well, the Wise-man in Japan Post said so) 😀


Still, it’s early November, we got plenty time = So that, as a first step, I’ll give you

the Info’ and the Link to see what they got in their Japanese website.

= If you are a non Japanese, you either ask your Japanese friend or try Google Translate

kind and bit by bit explore into their collection of the Snake-year’s / 巳年 design.

Web-design is structurally more or less the same in any languages, even if they are all

in Japanese, still you can guess and give a likely click = it would work. (if not try again ;-))

Websites listed here is the well known trusted sites, and there wouldn’t be any risqué of

you fallen into a trick by mistakenly clicking any button. —– still, some button may be

saying “Buy the Design for Commercial Use” kind = you will see it on a following page —>

Just go back one page, and try another button = no harm would be done 😀

Later, I’ll make a post = a show-case of the design —– mean time, have a fun to explore

the Japanese sites such as ——-






In the above Japanese script, especially last two paragraphs, there are 7 links to other sites.

If you like try them as well.    Especially  無料年賀状素材。



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  1. Virgilio Gavia said, on December 6, 2012 at 03:39

    so nice. and thanks for the visit.

  2. BT][ハーバー・ブル said, on August 29, 2015 at 14:29

    グ バード タープ フ

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