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Ski — a news from my friends in Japan =  I received an Email from a friend in Japan who had

first mountain ski (off-piste) in this season.  My friend,  Makoto is one of the younger member

of the Alpine Club of our Uni’ = some years younger than me though,   he is now over 60.

Still,  he has been skiing almost every week on the last winter.


When I was in my Uni’  I was thinking to become a Ski Photographer = I wasn’t too bad in Skiing

as I could ski while holding camera and shooting though, one day, on a very steep slope with ice

where I needed side-slip, then, another photographer was skiing down straight while holding

16 mm cine camera between his knee !    A practicing race skier there said  “He is our club’s

old boy” —–I instantly realized that there is no competition = I gave-up my idea.   

(Later I learned,  Ski photographer doesn’t need to ski like a slalom racer = Go to the best spot on

the course on FOOT and capture the action of each Skier.  Otherwise visiting good ski resort and

making vivid report.   The matter is not a ski skill or top-notch photography but a good relation

with the editor.  In case of advertising photo = it’s all set-up.   😀   😀 )


What I found interesting in Makoto’s latest equipment was,  the advancement of the technology

and the material.  (40 years ago, most of the ski was made by  wood and ski-boots was leather  🙂 )

When I try to re-use broken metal ski, I was pretty impressed by its construction = how 

different materials were stuck together = the technology in Glue = such as non-sticking Teflon

was stacked to the bottom of ski and the artificial rubber (Neoprene) was sandwiched between

High-tensile aluminum — yet, under extreme cold and extreme rough handling (footing ?) and

constant vibration and the bending strain = still, ski doesn’t disintegrate even without having 

rivets, screws or welding to bind them together  !


And the plastic boots (Makoto is using the boots which was designed for walking as well ) is not

a simple PVC = very complexed compounds of plastic = solid enough to firmly attach to the

bindings and soft enough for walking =  above all,  consistent in very wide range of temperature !

(most of plastic become brittle and crack under cold temperature)  

And his boots has Accordion structure !  (See the photo) —– How fascinating  🙂


This year, japan is having quite heavy snow ( Do you know,  their snow is as heavy as 7 m deep,

not just in the mountain area but many Cities and Towns in north-western side of Japan). 

The mountain where Makoto went was only  2 hours drive north of Tokyo. 

Then,  after climbing and  ski down from 2,000 m high top,  having had relaxing hot spring bath,

before drive back to Tokyo —— all done in a day, 14 hours exact  with little expense (They brought

their lunch-box made by their wives )  !  = What an active, healthy life.

—–  As a man,  stack in London,  I really envy them  😀



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  1. Elena Caravela said, on December 28, 2012 at 18:40


  2. yoshizen said, on December 28, 2012 at 19:49

    Thank you Elena.
    Being as a keeper of the mountain shelter, we had plenty opportunity to practice ski
    and first three years, I was skiing 100 days in year 😀
    So that, my movement in dancing has the same rotating action of the bottom in skiing 😀

  3. drawandshoot said, on December 29, 2012 at 19:46

    Sounds very exciting! I have been out cross country skiing, too – lots of snow here now. It’s really beautiful!

    • yoshizen said, on December 29, 2012 at 20:15

      Thank you Karen. Now I know, you are on the ski.
      —– A lots of photos in the snow, on your earliest posts, I was
      wondering it must be a great effort to moving around on foot. 🙂

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