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St.Lucia — Wire Figure — Preconception (2)

St.Lucia-Wire figure (1)A09A2864-002-C

(Please see the Photo,  one eye closed = you may have better 3D view = her chest come-out front and the head looks tilted backward)

St. Lucia said to be an early martyr who lost her eyes through torture hence became a saint for vision.  Greek word Lux mean the light and the name Lucia mean light.  (I haven’t figured out the relation, her name and a sainthood, which one came first.) 

So, she is receiving God’s Annunciation (through Photoshop  🙂 ) to become a saint.

—– What so ever, this is a wire-figure I made in the same time of yet another wire figure to show how our 3D conception works,

 when it was under Preconception.    🙂

St.Lucia- Wire Figure-(2)A09A2866

—– now it’s 21st century.   With the cultural change, even a holly woman need to have a Holiday and enjoy sun bathing.  So,  she is asking her mate  “Could you put an oil on my back”   “Bloody hell, you don’t have a back”.

—– Did you noticed, they are in fact the same figure.  Only, whether standing  on the knee or lying —– in different settings.  =  And we are seeing  it in the completely different context. 

(Do you agree ?)

(By the way, figure was made one continuous wire, starting from her ear and finishing on the arm-pit of right arm, except short additional wire on her boobs.  It was like a puzzling game, and a good fun.    😀

—– This is the most unlikely depiction of the human-body though, yet still our brain can re-configure it as a human-figure.      

Isn’t it amazing ? !!!


PS : I’ve tested the reaction of the people how they see the Top Photo.   (Since I started to use my tablet as my photo book, when I need I show the photos of my works.  Then I noticed the differences of the people’s reaction in two types.   And another fact behind was the Google’s reaction ! — If you Google “St.Lucia, Art figure” this photo of the St.Lucis come-up on the top = They think this is an Art —– See how they react.   ? )

In fact, against to the hundreds of the people = and found, that the person who was an artist, they react to hold the breath.   And the person who is not an artist start to make questions such as “Did you made this ?”  “How big ?” or “Is it wire ?” kind = it is an intellectual response to fitting the subject into an existing pattern and categorize it. 

(it is a process to “understand” what it is)   This intellectual process  in the brain mask the bare intuitive perception in the Hippocampus where 2D vision was converted into the spatial 3D (real life) image.

A real artist grasp the image with bare subconscious and the emotion.  Though, the image is nothing but a perplexity = looks human figure but it is a twisted wire = WHAT a hell this is ? !  — brain just got confused and freeze.  Hence loose the word.

It’s mean, this figure works as a touchstone to distinguish real artist.

(If you are interested in this phenomenon, try this by showing this image to your friend and see the each reaction. — provided the person didn’t know this beforehand ) 

— A funniest reaction I ever found was, when a man  who has been asking about the material etc. realized that he was tested, suddenly started to say “Oh, this is a tree” (started to play innocent / ignorant = try pretend to be a “Non- intellectual” = but in obvious tactical way —– Artist couldn’t make such highly complexed reaction.)

— Yet funny encounter of the third kind was, a woman who asked me the material on return, then realized that it was a kind of test, started to argue, saying “Because you asked ma how do I think, so that I replied how I thought, not what I felt” —– the woman has been doing a kind of conceptual art = typical “thinking kind”. 

It was the first ever encounter to a person who started to argue about right or wrong.  I only testing to see what type of the brain, whether the person got “Intuitive” or “High level thinking” dominant brain, which would be apparent in a quick response or instant reflection, — not about right or wrong of the person.    😀

—– Then I realized, I’ve met a lots of this “kind” of person, in a protest campaign group.   Yes, they are the kind, shouting  System is wrong, the law is wrong, the official is wrong BUT only I am right !  (And funnily enough all of them said “I’m an artist” ! )  — but I’m not sure what they meant Art.


PPS :  you might be rather confused by the explanation by “Intuitive Hippocampus” etc = Yes we are having two “Mind” (?) which we human being Did know thousands of years. = Thinking logic and the Heart. 



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  1. elenacaravela said, on April 29, 2013 at 22:52

    Love these Yoshi!

    • yoshizen said, on April 29, 2013 at 23:22

      Thank you very much Elena.
      I’ll take the words from the expert of human figure as a great Seal of Approval.
      (Fixed view point of photo couldn’t show the figure well though)

  2. bentehaarstad said, on April 30, 2013 at 10:10

    This is a statue, a piece of art, and a very good one. You did this, Yoshi?! Do some more, and take their pictures too.

    • yoshizen said, on April 30, 2013 at 11:56

      Thank you Brenre.
      Of cause it’s my made. Two more pieces in this blog. Please click the link near the top, titled preconception.
      And next post titled 4×4+1. I got about 30 pieces though, kinetic pieces are waiting to be videoed. 🙂

  3. drawandshoot said, on May 7, 2013 at 20:09

    wow, Yoshizen, this is fabulous!

    • yoshizen said, on May 7, 2013 at 20:14

      Thank you very much Karen.
      I’m very glad to hear it from you.

  4. Hacking Business | Yoshizen's Blog said, on May 19, 2013 at 12:31

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    • yoshizen said, on June 14, 2013 at 10:20

      Amazingly, this post appears on top of 101 million items on google search “st.lucia wire figure” =
      probably the most attractive item (or photo ?) in my blog, much more than the Zappa photo.

      Naturally this post attracting huge number of spam as well. —– though, strangely, those number
      of spam commented on this post doesn’t appear on the stat’s count. = may be because they are
      using the automatic spamming program. —– and the signature of this program itself
      trigger the spam-protection of WP = hence all goes to spam-box and deleted.

      Still, the spammers may not read this. And wasting there time. 😀

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