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There is a gathering place and their work shop for the electronic hackers called  

Hackspace  in Hackney, London.  —– Why Hackspace in Hackney may not have

any connection and I’m not interested in pun.   😀


And this evening, a group of enthusiast of  Arduino (ready to use programmable

controller)  demonstrate what he has done.


(A guy in the photo right was going to demonstrate how he programmed an

Arduino device to control his industrial robot)


(They got quite hefty collection of books which may cover all the question ! )

To deal with even the same electronics, there are hundred of different approaches.   

Some are purely pursuit how the electronics work, others are to achieve the

purpose,  by utilizing the electronics, electro-mechanics —– and to use it in

likely way to the most unlikely way etc etc.  the possibilities are literally endless.

Other group, Dorkbot is a group using the electronics, electrics in rather strange way,

or they may say, more artistic way  😀   —–  And I’m saying my sculptures are often

happen to move —– to make it, it often need to have a mechanism and its controller,

in most of the case it was done by the electro-mechanics.  (It could be done with pure

clock-work as well though, it would be more time-consuming to make)


One of the largest group, this  Hackspace  are having  700 members and two floor

huge space in a building, of which basement is for storage and a GOOD workshop.


It seems, quite few heavy machineries were donated by the academic institute such as

Imperial College (when they got new one, old one has to go somewhere, anyway  🙂 ) 


And the place is 24 hours open for the members to use the space and work shop,

otherwise just come and chat ! —— for a monthly pay of  £5 ~£15  depend on

how often you suppose to use.  (Can you believe ! )

Their website is —–   Hackspace (link)



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  1. bentehaarstad said, on June 19, 2013 at 09:01

    Probably a world above my senses, Yoshi 😉 Haha..

    • yoshizen said, on June 19, 2013 at 12:30

      If you can sort spoon, fork etc, to put them
      each position of kitchen drawer, you can do electronics.
      In most of the case, it is the matter to make right connection.
      Then connect the battery, “Here It is” it works.

  2. Dorkbot-88 | Yoshizen's Blog said, on June 13, 2015 at 03:54

    […] Hijacker and a guy above photo is running the Hack Space as […]

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