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Don’t Think -vs- Think yourself

Almost crèche like joke among the Zennist is this contradiction.

Think yourself yet still Don’t think. Well, here is a typical sample.

Multi Meter-Think-350

This is an Electronic multi-meter, and the matter here is its cables. Some of you might think

“What the matter to fuss about such trivial things” and you may say “Anyhow, when we use next time,

we need to loose the cables anyway. Why bother to tidying up each time ?” —– still in the same time,

you may remember the past trouble of entangled cables with other wire. And when the cable was left

loose on the work bench, you may needed to un-entangle them while wasting the time which was

always in the busiest moment.    And in the worst situation, try to pull the cable out, then it was broken,

and in such moment you don’t have a spare. In any account, it is better to keep the cable tidy.

No one can argue or think otherwise.

Not told by others, what you thought and convinced by yourself,

its understanding stays for ever.


This is the end of argument and the THINKING process.     Once you were convinced,

just DO IT in practice.   (—– only an obstacle is your laziness. 🙂

But, if you a person, aiming better, you will DO IT.   Why not.   This is THE ZEN.)

—– in practice, once you made it as a habit = after use, always just put the cable back to round

the meter and tie it up with the tape. (to make it like in the photo ! )

It is a simple practice hence, no-one need to think or use the brain to do it.

—– the hand will do it automatically as a habit. = When everything are tidy, there

wouldn’t be any havoc on the work. —– This is how “Peace of mind” comes from. 🙂


Lord Buddha’s teachings are all for gaining the NO SELF, and MUSHIN state of mind.

To be in this state, everything has to be left to the subconscious hence NO conscious thinking there.

Because of this, he showed how he does it and made the followers to copy, or gave an instruction

what to DO.    But never explained why, or what was the intention. Simply because, if it was

explained, the person remember the word, then an action become “an action according to the word”

= stuck to its notion / Thinking.

This is the reason why, if you think, Sitting is for a practice of Mushin, you are wrong.

If you sit, just sit. = If you settle your bottom on the floor, that is what sitting is. You don’t need any

thinking. —– In fact, it doesn’t matter, whether you are standing or walking.

= Just let the body to DO, stand or walk.

Without your thinking, your body knows everything how to keep balance while sitting or walking

whatsoever.   This automatic, inherent perfect control was seen as the Dharma.

(Hence, the Dharma is in you !)


Then, what you can see or find in the state of absolute Selfless, Mushin —– So far,

NO clear description was ever elucidated by anyone.

Just say, the state of Panya Paramita. —– there might be NOTING.

Or, this Nothing may be the ultimate wisdom what human being can ever get.

So to say, the Dharma is everything, in the same time it is nothing = VOID.

(If you think, it is a matter for you.—– But, if you don’t think, there is no issue here. 😀 😀 )

How great, Zen is. — don’t you agree ? Ha ha ha. 😀




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