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Royal Baby-Boy’s relation to Beyonce ! ?

There was a joky talking of the DJ in BBC Radio-1 mentioning that a researcher found

the Royal baby-boy (born 16:24 today)  is distantly related to a singer Beyonce,

as 23rd Cousin twice removed.  —– I found a likely source in this link —-



I don’t have enough knowledge how so-called family-tree was traced, therefore I have no idea

what this “23rd Cousin twice removed” graphically mean.


There was a hype many years ago about “ 6-Degree of  Separation” —– How we are

connected each other where ever we are in this world.

Sound somewhat miraculous story though, (in fact I never read the story or seen a film,

so that I do have no idea what sort of theory or research behind)

have you ever thought about this matter by yourself ?


It was a sort of the observations after “Facebook” that we may connected to somebody completely

out of our knowledge if we traced the indirect connection next by next.

Such as I have rather exotic friends of African, Arabic etc etc. and of course each of those friend has

their own friends or relatives in their society

= in effect, my connection spread to those countries as well.


So, just think about, how many friend or relatives you got ?     I guess it is pretty safe to

say 100, but if we include acquaintances and far relatives, it could be well over 1000.

—– Assuming, you are connected to 100 people, and all those people has their own 100,

but half of the people are overlapping = it’s mean, through 100 direct connection, it

spread to 100×50 = 5000  indirectly.

And those 5000 could connected to further 50 each, and so on.

So, just have a multiplication — 100x50x50x50x50x50 as of the 6-degree.

You will find the total number is well over the whole population in the world.

If all the world population was included in this link, no wonder, no-one can be alone.

It is a natural situation without resorting such FANCY theory.  😀  

Anybody could be trace back to anybody in the world. —– That’s a theory though,  

asking “Do you know Yoshi, or could you ask your friends ?” and extend this to whole

world population, how long would it takes time, let alone the cost of communication.  

= utterly useless dreamy theory.  

6-Degree mean whole world population = of course if you ask whole world,

at least 100 people knows Yoshi.  But Who can do it ?    😀   😀   


If you DO think yourself, you will realize, that there is no such miraculous theory.

—– Any how, a scientist said to be traced back all the European population to the original

7 ancestors who came and settled to southern Europe.    Since then, those 7 families might

have inter married, thence they are all related.   So, there couldn’t be anything to surprise

an American singer has blood connection to English who was happen to be Royal.

(There was even a story, that English royal blood has some relation to Indian.)

Don’t be deflected by fanciful story and waste the time in useless gossip.

Don’t believe what others say, think yourself.

As Lord Buddha said. 🙂


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