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Mind in the Syber Space (and Under the Hormone)

There was a rather sad news on the radio that a girl committed a suicide after bullied on SNS.

In reality, it was only a line of letters on a screen, still we take it as a message from somebody

and interpret it in a certain context —– some time too seriously.

(And in this case it even caused a girl to hang herself.) 


With Twitter accounts in my name  (though, whether they are “mine” or not is arguable since

they are created by somebody else. :-))  I used to receive a lots of direct massages to my Email,

of which most of them were saying  “Somebody spreading dreadful rumour about you ~> See

this”  or  “lol, I laughed so much of this picture of you ~> See this”   and lure to get virus or 

see AD —– (Though, I only guess, since I never ever clicked and open. I don’t know what’s there.

Then I set a filter “Twitter, Direct massage” automatically go to the bin.)

= The reason is that there is absolutely no possibility, somebody I don’t know can make any

serious rumour about me, or post a photo with my name on it (since, all of my ID is fake.)

Other reason is, if it was true, it must be a fun to other people = enjoy it yourself.

Make the world smiley place is a good things, why not ?

If anybody doing it on behalf of me, I’m very much thankful. 😀  


To deal with Syber Space, I prepared to the worst scenario, hence I don’t give real ID as

much as I can.   As I got friends who are (were?) Anarchist, Hacker, (ex?) Terrorist, etc etc. and

know a bit of computer, I’ve seen a program which can generate all the combination of possible

Password and hack-in etc etc. = I don’t trust so-called Security at all.

So, if I got to do Net-shopping I use a bank account which got only just-enough balance left.

False ID to each registration prevents two information joint together.

(You know, First name + Post code can find “Who you are and the full address”. To add DOB can

access NHS data. From here, to hack-in to Banking data is just a matter of keyboard. etc etc.

—– And on top of those, such as Google is keeping all of our Net history in their side.

A hidden file of Picasa is keeping extract sample photos of naughty site you’ve visited.(not me) 🙂

—– search your HDD, [Photograph, Picasa, Information] or check ALL the files in your Picasa!

—- and those information has been given to the National Security.  You remember?  ! ! !)

We are completely naked in the Net.  = So, remember to use snail-mail if you are dealing with

something dubious.   Utilize a convenience of Internet, free of cost, having certain trade-off.


We human being is a social animal, and rather vulnerable existence, hence very susceptible to

the environment and the social-environmental condition.   Therefore, we were genetically

programmed to pay attention to others, though, to take other’s words too serious is a trouble of

the person who read it. = It is a juggling work.   To listen what other’s say might be important, but

in the same time, to detached from it, is also important.  Other’s words could be crucial though,

just put a distance and think “Who the person bother to send such a message is ? And what’s the

intention ? Hasn’t this person got anything else to do ?” = such observation will shed a light to

the situation. —– And much more importantly this detached mind-set prevent us

to be deflected by the emotion.


Still, to take an other’s message in certain context is depend on the mind of who read it.

In a philosophical view, the things in the world is not really existing but only in the mind,

let alone such as a message in the Net. = It is an indirect-indirect flimsy existence.

And physically they have no danger. Just delete it.

And the Buddhists may not believe the Self is even a real existence = if the Self is not there,

why afraid to be harmed or lost in a Syber bulling.


 Yet still, if you take matter in a mind too seriously, this article may show you the reality,

Mind is not a kind of Holy existence in a mysterious sanctuary.    There may not even be a

so-called spirituality.    They might be all in a delusion.


The two faces of the “love hormone”

By Brian Dodson

August 6, 2013

Often called the love hormone, oxytocin has shown the ability to enhance social bonding,

decrease anxiety and encourage an overall feeling of satisfaction with life. A new study out of

Northwestern University, however, finds that this ancient hormone has a dark side, and is capable

ofstrengthening unpleasant memories, fear, and anxiety. This Jeckyll and Hyde behavior results

from the fact that oxytocin has a general strengthening effect on social memories, without regard

to their polarity.

Although discovered in 1906, study of the emotion-altering effects of oxytocin are still in their infancy.

Experiments on humans as well as animal models strongly suggest that oxytocin is associated with

pair bonding, social recognition, ethnocentricity (the “in group” effect), increasing trust, decreasing fear,

and even improved wound healing. An interesting example of this class of effects can be found in a

2012 study which showed that oxytocin caused men in a monogamous relationship to maintain

four to six inches more space between themselves and an attractive woman in a crowd, while

having no effect on single men.

Oxytocin, rendered as a ball and stick model, bonded to its carrier protein neurophysin

Other, less positive properties of oxytocin dosage have also begun to be reported.

For example, a study from the University of Haifa found that the emotions of envy and

Schadenfreude (pleasure in another’s misfortune) were increased by internasal administration of

oxytocin. Further research suggests people with borderline personality disorder, whose major

symptom is a tendency to withdraw from social interactions, exhibit less trust when treated with

oxytocin. This was particularly true in those who were sensitive to rejection. Clearly, oxytocin’s

effects on people’s emotions are not as simple as originally suggested.

This new study from Northwestern University demonstrates that oxytocin is associated with

emotional pain. In increasing the strength of social memories, it may be the reason that stressful

social situations (bullying, abuse, ridicule, rejection) can easily be brought to mind long after the event.

The intensity of such memories can be such that the memory feels almost like living through the

original event every time you think of it.

The Northwestern study, carried out by Dunbar Professor Jelena Radulovic’s group, found that

during a stressful social experience, oxytocin is released and activates a part of the brain that

intensifies the memory. Oxytocin also increases the susceptibility to feeling fearful and anxious during

stressful events going forward. It seems likely that oxytocin also intensifies positive social memories,

but this has not explicitly been examined as yet.

Professor Radulovic’s study is the first to link oxytocin to social stress and its ability to increase

anxiety and fear in response to future stress. The researchers also discovered the brain region

responsible for these effects – the lateral septum – and the pathway or route oxytocin uses in this

area to amplify fear and anxiety.

The findings surprised the researchers, who were expecting oxytocin to intensify positive emotions

in memory, based on its long association with love and social bonding.

“Oxytocin is usually considered a stress-reducing agent based on decades of research,” said

Yomayra Guzman, a doctoral student in Radulovic’s lab. “With this novel animal model, we showed

how it enhances fear rather than reducing it and where the molecular changes are occurring in our

central nervous system.”

Far from a simple “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin appears to have the same complex interaction with

human health and behavior as most other hormones. While a good deal of progress has been made,

there is still work to do when it comes to to unknotting the tangled ball of yarn that is oxytocin’s effects.

Source: Northwestern University  —– The link to the Original article 


PS:  If you are a hard-core Spiritualist, you may not happy with this kind of materialistic

view though, this view doesn’t conflict with Lord Buddha’s teachings at all. Far from it, 

Lord Buddha’s fundamental teaching of the Karma = Cause and Result is nothing but a

Scientific Rationalism.   Hence, when one dies, its mind, spirit goes with.  No Atman exists.

Nutrition of the soil and the water with plenty sun, the plants grows.

This is nothing but the science.  Hence, the Testosterone in a body drive a man to do the sex.  

So, here the Physiologists talked about how Oxitocin causes in our body and gives the effects

to the mind. ——  This is the Very mechanism of the Karma.



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