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Toy for a Grown-up / Rhythm Indicator

Rhythm LED(1)A09A1234

This electronic device is —– I may say, Rhythm-Indicator !

When I was a Disco-King (you believe or not 😀 ) often people (other keen dancer) asked

me a question about the way I dance, which is completely free movement hence virtually

no pattern still exactly follow and synchronizing with the Rhythm —– I needed to explain

what the Rhythm is.

Since I’ve been almost a fixture of the club, I also made enormous observation of the

people’s dance movement.    Among the many funny discovery, the most interesting

phenomenon was, that some of the people dance with the song, not with rhythm beat,

therefore it looks odd and off the rhythm still,  the person was not aware of it but

pretty much enjoying the dance  (in fact nothing wrong with it ! )

And another discovery was that the Spanish moves a moment later than the beat.  (It is

common with the Flamenco Dance, the movement occur not at the tense moment of the

beat, but the moment when its highest tension collapsed ! ! ! )


Anyhow, to talk about the Rhythm in the noisiest environment, it’s easier to show it visual.

So, I made this Rhythm-Indicator  (but only for a Rock beat)   which shows the emphasis of

the 8 beat in red, amber, green, small green LEDs.   And I explained, the movement what

the Rhythm demands, not what I want to move. = So, the movement was the exact reflection

of the music in each moment, not a pattern in fashion  (such as in a film) or choreographed

planed movement. —–  Funny things even among the keen dancer was, that they dance

what they want = regardless the different music, still repeat the same movement !

(= What is the point to have different music.   😀 )

Rhythm LED(2)474-001

My indicator shows 8 beat, strong, weak so on, and having BPM (speed) controller, and a

Selector for x2 and ½ speed.   The Reset button was to synchronize with rhythm cycle. —– so,

in operation, reset to the first base drum, and adjust the speed to match the music =

Red LED to come coincided with every base drum of following cycle.

Voila’ the rhythm of the music was visually indicated.

—– To put the circuit and the batteries in a thin cosmetic case, I needed to curve the inside

to make a bit more space.    (It was long before SMD components or Lithium battery.)


Though, even in the same music, same song, the speed is not constant and the pattern and the

use of percussion is changing. (that’s the way to make a music more dynamic and exciting).

—– So, inevitably, I had to design more elaborated system such as automatically pick-up the

base drum and synchronize the LED to the Rhythm cycle.

But instead to develop Rhythm-Indicator Mk-II, I changed the direction to design the

Sound-reactive Disco Pendant. = It was a by-product of the Base Drum synchronizing circuit.

—– I’ll show you those Sound-reactive LED Pendant in the coming posts.


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  1. bente haarstad said, on October 18, 2013 at 09:55

    Interesting, but I don’t think I will ever manage to have an intellectual approach to dancing. Best wishes from a dancing queen. 😉

    • yoshizen said, on October 18, 2013 at 10:57

      On contrary, Zen Buddhism (and my Dancing as well) is standing on the total denial of the intellectual element.
      As I wrote in the post [Most Bizarre Story —] (link on the second line) the ultimate movement only came under
      the total unconscious involuntary movement, though, to acquire this state of mind and the body, it is necessary
      to have a practice to customize the subconscious first. (This is the fundamental paradox in the Buddhism —–
      awareness lead to the enlightenment though, enlightenment itself is the denial of awareness).

  2. drawandshoot said, on October 18, 2013 at 14:58

    You are man of infinite talents, Yoshizen. : )

    • yoshizen said, on October 18, 2013 at 15:21

      Thank you Karen.
      Though, it may not be a talent but a patience to pursuit,
      because the idea itself was rather simple.

  3. elenacaravela said, on October 20, 2013 at 12:34

    Yoshi, your invention could enhance the joy in musical vibration for those who are deaf as well.

    • yoshizen said, on October 20, 2013 at 16:35

      It’s a good idea Elena !
      I never thought about — visual conversion such as to a lighting effects, or video-projection
      which may represents the music is common in the club, still, a personal device which gives
      the physical vibration would be a pleasurable alternative.

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