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2014 — Japanese New-Year’s Card Design (Free from Canon)

Following last year, I show you a Card Design Web-site of Canon again.  

When people design their own card and print it, quite likely people use

Canon printer and consume their INK = so, they can sell more.  😀 / 😦  

(A printer of HP etc was in fact made by Canon !) = Have you ever seen

Chinese or Korean Printer ?   Unlike electronic goods which they can copy 

by buying the same components made in Japan, printer has to be made

in incredible precision and has to keep work  5~10 years = no Chinese

can make.     So, the Canon knows, they should give back some.

Those are the link to their Free Card design site :

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/contents/10n201/list_45_1.html    —————- Formal style

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/contents/10n202/list_45_1.html?log=nt-02    ——— Casual

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/contents/10n311/list_45_1.html  ——- Material components

New Year logo


When you click to their site, you will see a screen like this (in Japanese).

Still, left hand Column you can try clicking (and return)  next by next.

(In fact, the link above are the same to first three on the column )


In order to avoid the mess, I’ve made those samples in Collage

= you can save from here and clop OR download from Canon site. 


The sample above, left is a letter Spring.  —– the center, the letter Dream

—– Right, ancient figure / original shape of the letter Horse.






The samples above 3  may be used as a component.  

Right, Stump face saying “Good sign of Long-life and Happiness”

(Canon site has English etc too, though, not for New Year but

to make for Xmas Card. = Cultural difference is here  ! ) 

PS :  Those Link also provide Free Design Templates.

They are reputed, trouble-free good site.  = Worth visiting.  🙂





And one more site !



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