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Selfridges’ Xmas Window Decoration 2013


When it is a Christmas time, there always the special window

decoration of Selfridges is. = It is a long established tradition.  

And what sort of theme the decoration this year has, was

the interest of the people. —– It’s always a kind of children’s

fantasy though, it’s attracts as many as grown-ups too.


But this year’s decoration is not from any book or story —– quite

products orientated design = snow scape around the product.


So, the girly doll to audio gizmo.


Fashion(?) shoes to sports shoes.


—– Sports wear or toys ?  —– and of cause, they sells pants too.  😀


So, the handbag ! —– I have no idea what is a connection

between expensive bag to a snowy mountain.


Neither I have an idea what the Selfridge to do with

glittering naked woman.  😀



So, I couldn’t find whether it was children’s dream or adult’s dream.

Or, executive’s speculation = effect of Xmas campaign ! ?  😀

(Shot by  Canon  5D  Mk-III,  Fisheye Zoom 8~15mm  F4)



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