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What’s there ?

Here the question is ” Is there or not there”  ” What’s there” in

a photo or behind the photography.

Whats there(1)A09A2111

This is an obvious subject,  nobody would give any argument

what it is.   And even without photograph, it still exists = photo is

mere secondly image of the existence.  Photo didn’t make it exists.

Whats there(2)A09A2083

This image has no significance = It’s just there, like a subject.

Whats there(3)A09A2114

But you may puzzle what this is ?  

What photographed here is the whole possession of a homeless person.  

Still some would say “So, what” —– OR others may see the meaning in

social issue or even philosophical aspects “What’s the human existence”

yet, visually they are just a lots of plastic bags on a bicycle. Nothing else.

More than that is all in your mind.

It’s all depends on, whether you make a mountain out of this heap.

Some might be good deep insights otherwise just the delusions.

Whats there(4)A09A2100

Before one photographic image,  we have to see what a person

who is photographing has seen or conceived,  let alone aimed.

Whats there(5)A09A2102

But who can see it clear —– and, who knows how real what we’ve seen.   

Whats there(7)A09A2076

What I’m seeing might be there —– is it ?  Where ? Here or there or behind. 

Whats there(8)A09A2080

We may not able to define what we are seeing unless we intentionally

impose a preconception, what I want to see, and reconstruct

the image OR story.

Whats there(9)A09A2116

And it depend what we can see or what we know. —– or believe to know.

Whats there(10)A09A2194

And if we know, —– can we be any wiser ?   Really ? ? ?

Is there any use,  if I told you what it was ?

Whats there(6)A09A2082

In reality, we may not seeing any, let alone knowing, are they

really there.  So, this is the real situation, and how and what they are.

(If you want to see the VOIDNESS in much more symbolic

elaborated image, it is your pretence and the arrogance !)

—– truth might be just empty space.

= Don’t struggle.  Let it be and see just as it is.  Don’t make-up the order.

(F&M’s Cherubs were in a mess of reflection = that was how they were.  :-D)

By nature, as it is empty from the beginning, see as it is, be with it, is Ichijo.

Be with emptiness mean the mind is not there = Mushin.

Don’t impose own order mean = no complaint. What’s wrong with it ?  😀

—– So, it’s nice to be in PEACE.



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