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Facebook Bug

Facebook Bug

What I supposed to download was a map showing the different cooking

styles of O-Zouni (celebrative cooking for  new-year) all over  in Japan.

In stead, what I got was a hacked-in fraud from Facebook. —– on the face

it looks like a notice from Google Chrome though, in fact it was a disguised

mail which tricks us to give Email address and its Password to Facebook

= as the sender’s ID was shown on the top-left corner.    

—– In order to deceive, it is showing the big G-Chrome Logo but their

“Facebook Logo” was not shown. (my be excusing with “Technical hitch”)  

And saying “You’re using a web browser that isn’t supported by Facebook

while showing Net-Explorer, Mozilla-Firefox etc etc —– despite I’m using

latest Firefox. = it was just a sheer pretext to steal Password. (Anyhow, as

I don’t use SNS, neither need to have Facebook convenient Browser.  🙂 )


Why they have to take like this desperate measure. = Now hundreds of

thousands of people leaving Facebook everyday.  It is an out-of-dated

old fashioned SNS, and only old users (30~40s) are still keep using it.

(Young and more active user has moved to LINE or SNAPCHAT etc.)

= So, they are desperate to fill-up the lost numbers and hack-into

the address book to trick the friends to join —– by sending false mails

which says “Yoshi is asking you to join Facebook”  😀 😀

How Pathetic. —– I’ve been wondering why people need to have such

kind of FALSE feeling of being ” CONNECTED” = now everybody

knows that such superficial number of “So-called FRIENDS” or

number of LIKE is nothing to do with “Real Human Relation”.

Nobody feel confident with the empty person who couldn’t even

stand alone but seek numbers in So-called Friends or Followers.  


PS ;      The further trouble I discovered about the aforesaid

Facebook Bug was, —— it was very difficult to delete that file,

as I didn’t obey and sign-up for them to finish their task. 

So that, I needed to find the file and delete it. ==> But, later

I discovered that the Facebook Hacker left a virus in my PC

which blocks the function of “Copy and Paste”.   So, when I try

to Copy and Paste = what appeared on the screen was not what

I copied but the logo of G-Chrome and the Hyperlink.

Facebook Bug(2)A09A2304-001

Facebook Bug(3)A09A2304-002

Hyperlink to go back to the same Facebook page.

= which is harassing us to give-up and sign-up to them ! 

—– Can you believe, this is what Facebook is actually doing.

Are they such desperate in this extent ? 



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