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Wide-angle Pinhole Photo

Wide Pinhole(1)A09A3037

 In the previous post, I’ve shown you ultra-wide or Semi-fisheye “Diopt-Pinhole

Hybrid Photos” which mean, it used not only pinhole but combined with an

optical lens too. —– The photos here shows you how the device looks like.  

In fact it was a very simple device = Double-density Pinhole was mounted back of

an EOS mount-adapter and a pretty heavy concave lens was mounted on its front.


If anybody try to do a pinhole photo on a SLR camera, (still, it could be done in

all sorts of the way such as a “Photo-sensitive emulsion was painted on a panel

which was placed inside of a huge Shipping container box and a small pinhole was

made opposite wall = Transportable [Camera Obscura] ) in most of the case,

people places a pinhole panel on the camera front where the lens was removed

and obtained fuzzy image of about standard lens. (If a camera used was Full-frame

DSLR, it would be equivalent 45~50mm lens but with APS size, it would be about

85mm lens image).

Because, such as Canon EOS camera has 44mm flange-back (distance from lens

mount to image-sensor) and the diagonal size of 36x24mm frame was 43.26mm

=> If you draw a Triangle 43.26mm wide, and 44mm high, you will get a spread

of the top-angle 54 degrees.

The shorter the hight of triangle, the wider the spread though, you can’t place a

Pinhole panel closer than 37mm (7mm inside of the Camera) otherwise it

obstructs (or damages) the mirror.   This limitation lead me to resort with an

optical glass to obtain wider view in the pinhole photography.

Wide Pinhole(2)582-001

So, the inside of the device, you can see blue panel of a beer-can (Photo Center)

and the Double-density pinhole of which the outer hole was 1.5mm and the

center hole was about 0.15~0.2mm. (Photo Right).

After a field test, where I found hopeless Halation in this optics, I realized that

I need to give an Anti-reflection covering to the shiny beer-can. 😀

Wide Pinhole(3)585-001

—– (The photos above shows the comparison = with or without Concave lens.

—– Note : Pinhole Photo has NO distortion or any optical aberrations

—– = Since it is not Optics NOR bends the light. (Save a Diffraction. ) 

Wide Pinhole(4)586-001

(Being Pinhole, there is NO focus or Depth of Field = Fun to make a Close-up !)

It needs further refinement still, at least, I got pretty wide “Pinhole Photo” view.

—– whether it was worthwhile or meaningful was arguable though, it was

what I wanted. (with fun ! )  😀

By the way, the lens I’ve used was cannibalised from a “Fisheye adapter lens”

widely available in the net.  (about £10~£15 but quality is what we paid

= I mean Don’t expect too much.  —– this is a Fun Project.  😀 )   

And about the lens mount-adapter, I’ll talk about it in the next post.


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