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Pinhole Portrait Picture

Pinhole Portrait(1)A09A3303

Some one might say, they looks like the photos of the earliest (100 KP)

digital camera. —– Oh, com’n they were created by a pretty expensive DSLR  

5D, Mk-III you know how much the cost !

(Taken at the Wednesday Workshop in Greenwich) 

Pinhole Portrait(2)591-001

Pinhole Portrait(3)592-001

And the others might say  “What a waste of time” = Hours of days of work,

and created this ? —– What for ? ? ?   Oh, com’n what’s wrong with you ?

Pinhole Portrait(4)594-001

Pinhole Portrait(5)593-001

Pinhole Portrait(6)595-001

I wanted to show = to be a portrait, what’s the minimum the picture

need to have — or other words, “Enough” to describe the person.  🙂

Pinhole Portrait(7)A09A3282

In fact, it was the same one = Semi-Fisheye,  Diopt-Pinhole Hybrid,  

Double-density Pinhole. Very very sophisticated Posh system, you know ? 

Ha ha ha   😀



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