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Spiritual Deptford

Spiritual Deptford(1)A09A3563

In the east London, whether it is north or south of the Thames, the

churches there is quite big and well built. It is the luminescence of how

the area used to be rich with its industry and the people working there.

Spiritual Deptford(2)A09A3555

Of cause, the east London was the Dockland =  

center of the ship building and the sea trade.

Spiritual Deptford(3)604-001

But I guess, the Anglican Church, such as in the top photo may not having

so many attendance now, still the “Cathedral” photo above may attracting

a lots of worshippers. (I didn’t ask which sect —– may be Evangelistic.)

Spiritual Deptford(4)605-001

So, it seems this town is having a quite fanatic followers of

the Christian persuasion. 

Spiritual Deptford(5)A09A3469

M m m m ?

Spiritual Deptford(6)A09A3482

Spiritual Deptford(7)606-001

I’m not necessary convinced that the spirit was made buy glittering

plastic though, it is not my business or the matter I should go into. 

Spiritual Deptford(8)A09A3596

—– I rather feel, this Deptford Creek must have seen and seeing

the change of the time and carried a scum of human life away,

for hundreds, thousands of the years

—– this is my spiritual response to this town.




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