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Junk still a Macro Lens

Sigma Macro(1)A09A4248-001

This is yet another version of the post  “How to recycle / reuse a junk”  

So, you may visit the old posts,  Here and There.  🙂

The Lens here is the same Sigma Zoom lens I’ve used its front element

to make “Wide angle Pinhole” and I’m using its rear element here.

Sigma Macro(3)633-001

Sigma Macro(2)A09A4252-001To utilize the rear element though,

I needed to disassemble whole

zooming mechanism to take it out

from the outer barrel.  But instead

to have a trouble to completely

disassemble it, I gave rather rough 

treatment to break a lens barrel.  

(To deal with even Precise Optical

instrument, some time, we need to

use quite a brutal force as well. 😀 )

So, I kept some zooming mechanism to use as a focus adjustment.

Sigma Macro(4)A09A4441

The core of the rear optics in the zooming barrel was mounted to

a  M42 to 49 mm thread = Pentax Reverse Adapter.  And mounted to

a Bellows, then to a Canon DSLR body.  = In this configuration, the

lens can give  x5 magnification in the view finder.

Sigma Macro(5)A09A4439

Obviously, this massive, awkward set-up is not suits to a field work

—– and anyhow, the subject would be pretty small, it is better to use

on the copy-stand.

Sigma Macro(6)A09A4436

This is a test shot on a tablet screen with F-Aperture / Iris fully open.

= This evenness of the quality is not too bad.  

—– In early 70s, Sigma Produced a lens called “Micro-Macro 100mm F4”.

To see the lens, I visited their “Company” in Komae near the edge of the Tokyo.  

It was turned out to be a wooden shack having many lens polishing machine

working on the floor = lots of mess with those lens polishing dark paste.

Sigma seemed to have a knack to correct the aberration in the close range and

the said lens was extremely sharp but also having extremely high contrast

almost like an industrial pattern projection lens.  (So, I didn’t buy.)   

Sigma Macro(7)A09A4452

This Butterfly wing became a standard test pattern.  🙂

(This image was clopped to a half = effectively x10 magnification here.)

It seems this lens was the sharpest lens I have in the  x5~x10  range so far.

The advantage is, since their diaphragm / Iris was electronically operated,

once I made a controller, it would be very convenient to use.  



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  1. elenacaravela said, on March 21, 2014 at 18:37


    • yoshizen said, on March 21, 2014 at 18:43

      Thank you Elena.
      I’m just having a fun. 🙂

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