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Lens from One-time use Camera

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on April 13, 2014

Kodak DspLens(1)A09A5011

This photo was taken by yet another “Cost nothing Optics”.   🙂 

Kodak DspLens(2)7-001

In fact, it came from a Kodak One-time use Fun Camera. 

Lens was a single plastic piece though, I guess, it must be pretty well designed 

aspherical Optics.    And on its Camera, Lens to film was  27mm, so I should say,

it’s  focal length is  27mm. = It’s mean, to use this lens on most of the DSLR

body would creates only close-up photo.  

Kodak DspLens(3)A09A4676Because the lens will be mounted 

more than 10mm away from the

normal position. —–  Still,  when I

mounted this onto my Canon 5D body,

result wasn’t too bad.   (Though, sharp

focus is only  10cm  from the front.)  

Yet still, I’m doing lots of “close-up” shot

and “Soft focus”—– this lens on 5D can

give me a fun of both !    😀   

—– I haven’t tested whether any odd lens 

can be used on the other type of cameras, such as  “Four-third” or Micro Four-third”

kind yet.  Though, if it works, those mirror-less camera body are thinner than DSLR

= the lens like this would work better from infinity.

Kodak DspLens(4)A09A5004

This photo is a reference = shot by ordinary lens (24~70mm Canon Zoom)

Kodak DspLens(5)A09A5015

and this was a shot by the Lens from Kodak Fun-camera.

Kodak DspLens(6)A09A5019

And this was a comparison = shot by the Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole !

—- Though, you might say why bother.   Ha ha ha.   😀




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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on April 13, 2014 at 17:37

    Ha ha ha! Hey, if you’re having fun, that’s reason enough! 🙂

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