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Leiz 35mm Lens — filter size

Leiz 35mm(1) A09A5137A camera shop who noticed me got

a soft spot in the particular number,

sold me a lens, Leiz Elmarit-R 35mm

F2.8 which has been converted to

the Nikon mount.    By doing so, the

lens lost all the communications to

the camera body = it became totally

manual, hence very difficult to sell.  

So, the boss resorted with a pretext as the

lens got the particular  number, I ought to buy.  😀

I don’t mind to have a Leiz lens, anyway in a collection, I have Leica R and Leica C,

and to have one more lens wouldn’t create any trouble.   And my Canon 5D is an

extremely capable camera which can be used with any lens.   THOUGH, Leica is a

notoriously awkward camera company.  = All the system was designed to be unique,

therefore the everything has to be genuine Leica made.  So, even just like a filter = this

lens got a screw size in odd 48mm.  ( Standard filter size is  46mm, 49mm, 52mm, etc.)  

In order to use a filter on this lens, a user has to buy a lens-hood which can hold a filter,

and only  special series filter can go into its gap. —– you might have guessed,

they comes with an extortionately high price ! 

A poor man like me can not afford to buy.      So, the solution is ……… if no matching

filter is in the market, why not to make one myself.

Leiz 35mm(2) 29-001

Outer diameter of the lens top is the same as 49mm filter though the internal

screw is for 48mm —– So, I scraped-off the male screw of 49mm filter, down

to 47mm.   Then this filter ring was glued onto the lens top.

So that, the filter size of this lens was converted to the universal 49mm.  

(which even allow the use of humble Tamron lens cap.  🙂 )

(Further screw-on another filter doesn’t cause a corner cut-off. )



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