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Orange Peel

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You may not guess what I’m going to talk about.   The photo here is Orange Peels.

Orange Peel (of its powder) has been used as a flavoring spice or even a 

Chinese herbal medicine. (= moderate stimulant to the stomach )

—– But I’m not going to use it in any form but I’m going to get lid of them.

Though, if you throw them into a rubbish bin in the kitchen, together with

carrot skin etc etc,  inevitably you’ll have a rotten wet bottom in the bin where

Fruits Fly thrives.  — Still, try to fight against them is the futile, impossible task.

A bin with lid didn’t work = they get inside when it was open = and lay eggs =

then come back in hundreds.   You can’t catch, you can’t hit = they fly so quick.

Throw a rubbish every day is the one  answer.  (Sounds quite paranoia isn’t it ?) 

And make them composted in a jar with tight lid, is the another answer,

though, when I tried, I realized that I don’t have a garden to use the compost. 

Anyhow, my rubbish for 2 weeks is not more than a super-market plastic bag.  

—– On the end, I got the answer = wet rubbish IS the root cause of trouble.

= Why not dry them ! = If no wet rubbish, no Fruits Fly would come, hence

= no trouble, no fight. —– isn’t this the Buddhist’s like answer !   🙂

(Same as, “No alcohol, no trouble. No woman, no trouble” kind of approach  !  

Save the joke of Mahayana Buddhism “Having trouble IS the Enlightenment”

though, Fruits Fly has no fun at all.)   😀

= So, I leave the Orange peel,  Vegetable skin etc to spread on the plastic tray

and let them dry. (Looks strange though, nobody would see it anyway.)  

—– When they are dry, put them into the bin.  


Just a little bit more attention, then able to have a peaceful life !

Isn’t this a Zen ?  —– or do you think it’s a nuts or paranoid ?  

Ha ha ha ha  😀 —– Have a nice Friday 13th, and a fun-full weekend.





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  1. bentehaarstad said, on June 13, 2014 at 10:08

    Drying orange peel have a nice scent..

    • yoshizen said, on June 13, 2014 at 10:20

      Yes, some of them have very strong scent but as I kept
      the kitchen window wide open (otherwise temperature goes up over 30 degree! ) scent might be blown away.
      (I wonder what would come in the middle of summer ?)

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