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Hole on the Tape


Hole on Tape(1)A09A1297-001

In the age of PS and CG, now the people doesn’t necessary believe the image

they saw in a photograph.    It could be cunningly Photoshoped or Filtered.

— In deed, Photographer is an expert of manipulating the image and its context.   

In fact, it is an inherent limitation of any “Expressive” business =

Speak Truth, Draw Truth, anything is not perfect, especially when people got an

illusion, that the photo is a first-hand real reflection of  the situation or the thing.

The more believe the more fooled, hence better detached.

Hole on Tape(2)138-002

Since when I revealed the reality what “The Created Lens” looks like,

before I get a praise how pretty the resulting image was, I received the 

questions asking me how I could make a hole on the sticky tape so perfect ?

Well, — to a person “It’s a Photoshop” and to the other “It was cut by the best

Henkel scissors, like a magic.  Good German scissors would work by itself,

like a broom in the music ” Sorcerer’s Apprentice ”  by Richard Strauss.

Have look the Top Photo here.  The work of scissors was captured in action.” 

You see, this is an evidence.  You got to believe.   It’s not Photoshop !  

—– So, you got to see, — a photo with a pinch of salt.

Hole on Tape(3)139-001

Try to cut a small hole on a sticky tape is a futile attempt whether

it was a Henkel or not.   Paper Punch could make perfect round hole,

 but only  1/4″ (6.35 mm) size unless you got an industrial machine.

—– Still, we might able to simulate the work of Hole Punch. = So, I did

put a metal washer under a tape and press its edge with round object.

(in here, it was a bottom of  a table knife.)

Hole on Tape(4)140-001

We can find a different size of washer, but if you can’t find the exact diameter,

drill a hole by yourself.   (Size of drill bit may not be what you want though.)

Anyhow, in the case like this, it wouldn’t be so critical.

(If you need very precise work, ask a shop doing laser cutting.  But it’s not cheap.)



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