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Scissors’ Sorcery

Hole on Tape(1C)A09A1297-001

Yet more puzzle on the previous post was that joke

” Scissors working on to cut a hole by itself”    🙂  

Nobody would believe it though, it looks, the scissors are flying in the air.

Hole on Tape(1B)A09A1299-002 - A-001

Has Scissors image been added onto a photo of the Tape using  PS ?

Hole on Tape(1)A09A1299-001

And has shadow been created to make looks, the scissors in the air ?

—– Yes, some of the people are pretty good at PS and may be manage

to do this kind of sticking job in 10 min.


 Hole on Tape(5)A09A1306-001But I’m also a sculptor —–

 I rather like to spend the same

 10 min to twist a wire instead of

 sitting on front of a PC.  

Actuary, the scissors has been glued to the wire and held on to the position.   

Same idea to suspend a  “Levitating Guru”  in the air,  and quite common trick

among the photographers. =  So, this is yet another reason why you should

see the photo with a pinch of salt. —– Photo lies.  😀

Still, to make a photo to trick, is nothing but a pleasure of the photographer.  

= It’s really a fun.



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