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Olympic Park (London) — Shooting Party (2)

Olympic park(1)A09A1467

Instead of weekly meeting in the Greenwich, we decided to go to

the Olympic Park for a photo session.

Olympic park(1)A09A1539

 As usual with my good luck, the weather turned out to be very fine and not too

hot, considering the day before and the day after were both dull cloudy.  

Still, the way to Olympic park from Hackney Wick Station was a long walk.

Olympic park(2)A09A1546

Then the hint of Olympic things appeared on the horizon ! —  A ha !  

You see, it’s a middle of nowhere, still this is a part of London !


 Coming closer, it looks not too bad.

(You believe or not, this is my first ever visit to the Olympic park.

— in fact, I didn’t even watch any event as I don’t have TV.   

Except the Opening of which I saw it in a pub.    🙂  )

Olympic park(4)A09A1429

On the approach, how on earth, why excise machine was here —– ! ?  😀

Olympic park(5)A09A1439

And the sticking logs — ?   It seems the organizer had a headache to fill the space.  

And end up like a jumble-sale, put any idea, any installation available.   😀 

Olympic park(6)A09A1445

So, I have no idea, why this slide got anything to do with Olympic.

Olympic park(7)A09A1426

Olympic park(8)A09A1457

The visitor, who is the most enjoying this park must be those young Muslim

girls playing with their Skate-board —– going between the jetting water while  

avoiding getting wet = was a skill ! 

Olympic park(9)A09A1465

I’m not a fan of Anish Capor who designed this tower — my thought only

went to pity the constructor that they must had a nightmare to keep

each rod in position.   (I guess, all of them got different length.)

Olympic park(10)A09A1467

Round dish near the top is the viewing plat-home —– though,

going up there will cost  whopping  £15 !   So I said “It’s a rip-off”  😀

Still,  I learned that this was called  “Orbit” — So, it’s round and round !

Olympic park(11)A09A1482

Olympic park(12)142-002

Olympic park(13)A09A1524

Therefore, I had my exercise which cost nothing.

Olympic park(14)141-001

Olympic park(15)A09A1503

While walking back, suddenly this Citadel appeared.  

Blimey  it’s a scene from a Surrealist’s cinema.

Olympic park(16)A09A1512

Though, it was pretty easy to climb as it was intended so.

= a lots of holds and stances, no chimney or overhang.

Olympic park(17)A09A1520

Reflection on the mirror panel under a bridge.  

Olympic park(18)A09A1529

(It seems, she was doing a kind of religious practice.

—– while others were chanting. )

Olympic park(19)A09A1536

Olympic park(20)A09A1513

One thing was certain, not much content though, at least  the area is burst !  

= Good for a walk and may be good to take picture of the sky.  😀

PS : Lens used was = Pentax 15 mm F3.5 /  

Canon EF zoom 24~70 F2.8  on Canon 5D Mk-III



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  1. elenacaravela said, on June 20, 2014 at 02:38

    So many interesting structures, but the flowers really grab my attention.

    • yoshizen said, on June 20, 2014 at 02:50

      Thank you Elena. I took much more flower photos though, it was too windy. — It’s a funny contradiction, as
      I’m making camera-shake photos though, it was not a blurr by the movement of the subject. 😀

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