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White building — Hackney Wick

To go to Olympic park, we arranged to meet at “White building” in Hackney Wick.

It sound rather arbitrary instruction though, when I got there I realized that,

it was a very well known place to the locals and the people coming to the aria.

= In fact, a person I asked the direction replied “We are going there” so, I followed.

White Build(1)A09A1350

But, in reality, there is nothing in Hackney Wick — no shops around the station.

= we may call  “Ghost Town”  though, may be a bit more moderate expression

of  “Derelict  place” would be appropriate. 

White Build(3)143-001

In the East-end of London,  this area used to be a part of River Lee’s flood-plane.  

And the time when the industry relied on the shipping to move their material or

products, those area must be the bustling busy place.  (70, 90 years ago ? )

White Build(2)A09A1393

Alongside the river and the canal, the building used be a wharf, warehouse, factory

— are all empty, and now, may be accommodating  a lots of squatting  inhabitants.   

White Build(4)144-001

Likewise on the water,  lots of house-boat accommodating the people who is

keep drifting on. (not to became a moored residents to avoid the tax.)

White Build(5)145-001

So that, for the people who loves to live in freedom and the people share the same

spirit,  the artists,  loves to come to this place called Crate (or Space Studio) in the

White building.  = one of the converted wharf = caffe or bar what so ever called.

And I heard, this place would be clouded by hundreds of people in the evening !

White Build(6)146-001

The conversion project started a year before the 2012 London Olympic,  partnered  

with the London Legacy Development Cooperation.   And the Space Studio project  

was sponsored by Bloomberg.   This is a success story in  the Area Re-generation.

White Build(7)A09A1358

To go to Olympic park, the reason why we’ve chose Hackney Wick instead 

of usual Stratford to start, was to visit this White building.

White Build(8)148-001

All the staffs were very friendly and kind.  Though, they looks much more like

an artist than a waiter.  ( And, they got in house brewery = for own Crate Beer.)

White Build(9)147-001

I can see a lots of their hand work every where.  

Very resourceful improvisation and the craftsmanship. 

White Build(10)149-001

The customer will be well catered with their  Pizza  and house brewed beer.

(I had apple juice though.) 

White Build(11)150-001

The building having many studios and artist in residents and in deed,

this is one of the largest studio complex in London .

White Build(12)151-001

May be I should come again to see those studio and meet the artists.

White Build(13)A09A1381

 The drawback to become artist in residence here was that the place and their

beer was too nice — so that, just spent and live the time in feast.  Not much Art.   

And that was the main reason why the residents Artists move out of the place.    

I think, to lead those artists, the road-sign alone is not enough to

direct their life —– or YES ??? —– Then how ???  

Info’ of their activities =  < http://www.r-urban-wick.net/

< http://www.publicworksgroup.net >  (but not much about Whitebuilding)

The Whitebuilding,   Queen’s Yard,  Hackney Wick,  London   E9  5EN




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  1. bentehaarstad said, on June 21, 2014 at 10:42

    Seems a nice place, even if the beer is too nice…

    • yoshizen said, on June 21, 2014 at 10:58

      They got 6 own beers and a Cider —– make an exception and I may try next time. 🙂

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