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Graffiti in Hackney Wick

A09A1569-001-PS-3—–    (Photo above : Very impressive image though,  isn’t this huge print-out of

——- digitally processed image ? —– I’m not against the process,

——- because the final product is only the matter.)

May be because the most of building has been empty and so much wall space

was available, not only  nobody seemed to concerned about and policing,

the graffiti in this aria is really rampant.  Still, something peculiar about the

Graffiti in this area was that the most of them has been done as one-off work.  

Rarely see the repeated pattern by the semi-professional graffiti artist who

is doing the same tagging everywhere.  But here done by the guest member ! 

Hackney Wick Graffiti-A09A1393

This one seems to be one of the largest, and obviously taken so much effort to make.  

In that extent I appreciate the enthusiasm and the effort (and the amount of paint)

the author has put in — but not necessary feel it’s appeal.

(What this one want to say ? —– Cosmic particle ? —– why it’s here  ??? )

Hackney Wick Graffitie(3)152-001

Naturally, some are good others are rubbish still, it was certainly a try

and the expression of the person.

Hackney Wick Graffitie(4)153-001

Some are common design of tagging.

Hackney Wick Graffitie(5)A09A1575

But some are showing quite artistic 3D approach. —– I don’t know whether this 

mirror was originally broken or somebody did it after, anyhow, showing broken 

mirror as a “shocking image” would only appeal to the westerner.  

We Japanese doesn’t see it in any bad omen.  Broken mirror is not special to us.

Still, the position of each sticks with mirror matched the Rules of Ikebana.  I like it.

Hackney Wick Graffitie(6)A09A1570

I praise the attempt to express in 3D —– at least it made me smile.  Ha ha ha.

Hackney Wick Graffitie(7)154-001

Some are quite commercial !   Still, I like a cool figure in the right Photo !

Hackney Wick Graffitie(8)155-001

And some are showing — incomprehensible noise. 

Try to paint something without knowing what to do.  (still just DO something)

Hackney Wick Graffitie(9)A09A1605

Young people often mistaken that the attention some of the marginal subject

draw  (such as violence, sex, death etc = emotionally alarming subjects) AS

” artistic appeal”. — it called  Scandalism or  Cheap Sensationalism.

Same to that  ” Bad DJ thinks, the loud music is the impressive music”.  😀

Hackney Wick Graffitie(10)A09A1382

It seems that the Graffiti is a passing phase of growing up.  = before establishing

one’s own “Reward system”  in the brain  ie;  before knowing what to do and what

would be fruitful (successful) —– Just try to DO SOMETHING (easy). 

It is the reflection of their irritation and the urge, try to show “Look, I can DO”  !

And it was the reason why here only few of them are showing the artistic sparkle.

(Anyone can have an irritation but only the one who born to be an artist can draw.)

Art is not an idea but the intuitive resonance which hit other’s subconscious.


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