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Meadow Flower – (2)

Instant Meadow2(1)A09A1667-002

Yet another photos from the same flower patch as before.  

And this time, I used the same homemade lens and the Zeiss 85 mm F1.4 lens.

Instant Meadow2(2)A09A1644

On the photo, if the back ground image was not completely out of focus in a Bokhe,  

such as this one and the top photo, they were taken by 2 element homemade lens.

Instant Meadow2(3)A09A1658

Other photos, which got strong Bokhe in the back ground, like this one,

it was taken by the Zeiss 85 mm lens with  F1.4  aperture setting.

Instant Meadow2(4)A09A1654

Not only it is a short telephoto  85 mm,  its extremely bright  1.4 F-aperture gives

very shallow depth of field —– yet still, the image in focus has pretty good details.

(That what this lens was famous for)

Instant Meadow2(5)A09A1655

Instant Meadow2(6)159-001

The photo Right is in fact the part enlargement of the Left photo.

Instant Meadow2(7)160-001

Likewise, Right photo was a pert enlargement of the photo Left.

Instant Meadow2(8)A09A1663-002

Instant Meadow2(9)A09A1671

Instant Meadow2(10)A09A1662

When this 85 mm lens was used on the close-up distance, it shows very

soft Bokhe due to the increased Coma aberration, which I like very much. 

Instant Meadow2(11)A09A1656

Instant Meadow2(12)A09A1683

Instant Meadow2(13)A09A1669

Stopped down to a smaller F-aperture, hence increase the depth of field,

photo became like ordinary photo.  🙂

Instant Meadow2(14)A09A1685-001

Still, which way to chose is depend on the purpose and the taste.

My original image of the wild flower meadow was in my vague child’s memory,

when the flowers were taller than me, and it was far more than 60 years ago.

There shouldn’t be the same clear images, therefore,  I don’t need to see

the images from a catalog  of a garden-center kind.

(And, I do no longer dealing with the reference book publisher.)



2 Responses

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  1. bentehaarstad said, on June 24, 2014 at 09:56

    Nice! So many nice photos of these sweet flowers.

    • yoshizen said, on June 24, 2014 at 10:35

      Thank you Bente.
      Sweet flowers though many of them are heavily cultivated garden variety. —– bit too gorgeous.
      (or am I asking too much ?) 🙂

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