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Fleet Street — Bicycle (?)

Fleet St-Bicycle(1)A09A1761

There isn’t much story to wright about in this post, but just a test of

that  2 elements homemade lens to take photos of general subjects.

Fleet St-Bicycle(2)A09A1721-001

Being as two plastic lens, there is not much quality to ask but the image with

full of hallation. = It’s mean, if any bright object was there, the image would

be completely eroded. —– But that is what this lens was.

Fleet St-Bicycle(3)A09A1758

The Bicycles were just happen to be there.

Fleet St-Bicycle(4)A09A1757

Fleet St-Bicycle(5)161-001

Fleet St-Bicycle(6)A09A1793

Some are quite fancy !    Though, I’m not fancy to ride this kind of purely

experimental model.   —– ( I would say, utterly impractical. 😀 )

= May be as useless as “My very homemade Lens” here.   😀 

Fleet St-Bicycle(7)A09A1754

Still, I like those nostalgic, old pinhole screen like image.

Fleet St-Bicycle(8)A09A1755

And I found that this lens can produce quite usable image

if the contrast wasn’t too high.  

So, it suits for the flowers in dull light.



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