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Hot, Hot — Do something !

Hot Dongle(1)175-001

After the Summer solstice, the room temperature climbing up and up.

—– I think I wrote a story before, a comparison of two different approach to

deal with a summer heat in Buddhism. = The one said

 “Sinto wo mekkyaku sureba, Hi mo mata suzushi”

(When you negate the mind and the thinking, even a fire could be felt cool)

And the other “Atsusa no natsu wa ase wo kaki, fuyu wa chizimi-agaru”

(Get sweat under the summer heat, and shiver in the winter)

—– The former was a typical attitude in the Hinayana Buddhism and the

later was the Mahayana Buddhism.

I think, the both are correct —– for them.  Please carry on.

= It’s not my business to argue with them as they are not on front of me.

—– I’m facing the heat in my room. —– Of course, I can escape and go out 

though, my PC is here and I have to do something on the Net. = The trouble is,

since I’m using an Internet Dongle to connect, the Dongle get hot.    And as the

room temperature nearing to 30 degree, the Net-connection is getting slower

and stated to say “Connection timed out” “This page is not available”. 😦


In most of the case, trouble or malfunction in the electronic devices were

caused by the overheat.   Any mistake such as wrong polarity, over current,

over voltage, all resulting overheat and burnt-down (of some area or inside of

a chip).  So, the heat management is a big issue in the electronic circuit design,

which is parallel with the issue of “Low power consumption” —– though, the

situation is always the same. ( 10A current on 1A device cause overheat, and

10mA current on 1mA chip will blow them off).   And the devil is, when they get

hot, the current increases = more current more heat = Thermal-runaway.


Funnily enough, even this extremely advanced technological age, when the

fore-front of science is dealing with such as almost invisible Gravity Wave still,

the way to deal with a heat isn’t different from 100 years ago. = Hoping the heat

would disperse (hence, lower the temperature of the area) through heat

conductive material (include the air).

( To generate the electrics out of heat, hence take the heat away, seems a good

idea though, it’s efficiency is less than 10% = 90 % of problem is still there. 🙂 )

—– So, to against a problem of Hot Net-dongle, my solution was “as advanced

as the fore-front of the technology today can offer” = disperse

the heat through a heat-sink to the air.

Hot Dongle(2)176-001

Photo Left : Disassemble the Dongle.

The Centre : Put heat conductive paste on a metal part of the Dongle

then place a heat sink over it.

Photo Right : Place the SIM card in position and clamp all together.

—– It’s working perfect.  Heat sink is getting warmer, mean dispersing the

heat from the dongle and as a result, the Net-connection got much faster. 🙂

(So far so good. —–  In case, if small window appeared saying “SIM card

invalid” etc, it was caused by the card was not properly slide-in  ===>

Place the card again while mimicking the action to slide-into the position.)

~~~~~ So, have a cool Net surfing.    🙂



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