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Karenisque Meadow-2


Among the photo-bloggers in the WP sphere,  Karen McRae must be one of

the most distinguishable creative photographer.

When I first encountered her photos, woods under the snow, I found a peculiar

invisible “Air” in her photo, —– somewhat behind or beyond the image.  

Not only that, she often experiment and showed incredible new “View” of

rather mediocre subject —– such as a road-side grass from a moving car.  =

In fact, I’ve dubbed her blurred  photos of grass as “Karenisque photo”  🙂  

(Blime, [Karenisque Photo] was listed in the Google now)

How she could make rather plain view of empty grass field to an artistic image

with a depth of air is a mystery to me.   —– but at least,  why not try myself.

(But I shouldn’t forget, Karen is a painter too ! )


Spreading to the horizon, the empty grass field — is out of question in London.

— still, why not, that desolated flower meadow ? 


In deed, shake the camera is easier and cheaper than driving a car.






With shaky camera, inevitably the image would be blurred

—– though, it wasn’t necessary true.  Since the Homemade Lens has

fixed F4.5 equivalent of Iris opening, even with lowest ISO setting, I needed

to see the light well dropped to the 1/15 ~ 1/4 shutter speed level.  

= It was 8:00 evening.   🙂  ~~~~~ Whatsoever the technical side,  the results

were no way near to the Atmospheric Karenisque Image.  

Her subtle still impacting image creating skills are miles ahead.  🙂

(Of Course I wouldn’t anticipate to clack the secret of her creation which she

achieved with almost obsessive effort,  by me tring 10~100 times guess work. ) 



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  1. drawandshoot said, on July 24, 2014 at 12:59

    These are lovely, Yoshizen. Swirling summer. They make me think of a view from a merry-go-round. I like that one of your tags is ‘Zen in action’.

    I’ve been wondering how images might would work if I was running and snapping pictures at the same time…? Of course, hopefully no one would see me doing this. 🙂 Then there is always a bicycle but that seems a bit hazardous!
    Thank you very much for your very kind thoughts about my work, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    • yoshizen said, on July 24, 2014 at 13:32

      Thank you Karen. Of course you can see how my approach was different (— ? and missing the point ?)
      Still, I hope they might be a fun to see. (I became aware, here might be a fundamental difference between
      a delicate painter and a hummer blandishing sculptor ! 🙂 )

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