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A Field by Homemade Lens — (1)

Field by Homemade Lens-1(2)A09A2992

Well, the lens what I call “Homemade Lens” has first appeared here as

the  “Lens from Toy Camera” and then having had additional front element,

it became to the “Two element Retro-focus Lens“.

Two Element Homemade Lens-180-001

In fact, the additional front element was a concave lens from my

broken specs. (Photo above: Left)    Then, proper optical lens came from 

HOYA Optics.   And finally I properly mounted that optical lens onto

Canon EF Mount adapter, using  67 mm filter ring. —– But, to put

the main lens (from Toy camera),  I mounted it 10 degree tilted forward,

since this lens has no focus adjustment, tilting the lens would give

a kind of Pan-focus effect. (Photo above: Right)

Field by Homemade Lens-1(1)A09A2940

Still,  the images were the good old Impressionistic fuzzy image

which I’m very fond of.  🙂

Field by Homemade Lens-1(4)A09A2914

What I like the most of this lens was,  it’s small size,  good general wide angle,  

no need to bother focusing,  shows enough detail of the subject but

not too much,  with good fuzziness —– and above all,  it cost nothing !

Field by Homemade Lens-1(5)A09A2924

Field by Homemade Lens-1(6)A09A3015-001

Field by Homemade Lens-1(7)A09A3022

Field by Homemade Lens-1(8)A09A3042

Field by Homemade Lens-1(9)A09A3044

It is really a lazy Sunday Painter’s best companion.  = just click a camera,  

it automatically produces the paintings in mass scale !    😀

Field by Homemade Lens-1(10)A09A3061

So, a knuck to have a life contented is = don’t ask too much.  Be contented.  

Ha ha ha   😀


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  1. elenacaravela said, on August 6, 2014 at 15:37

    Painterly indeed! The color is extraordinary.

  2. elmediat said, on August 6, 2014 at 21:01

    Excellent! Beautiful images and creative exploration of photography. 😉

    I have experimented with pin-hole boxes to compose shots and held small plastic lens and glass jars infront of the camera. Not very good at attaching modified lens to the camera. 😀

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