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Quest for Fuzziness

3rd-DD Rose(1)A09A3449

Well, a word Quest might be an over statement and others may say,

it is more like my obsession.  😀

3rd-DD Rose(2)A09A0194-001

 “Concentric double Density Pinhole” 

 which I invented, is using metallic film

 for larger Pinhole though, it has a

 dreadful character to create a funny

 spark like halo around a bright spot,

 as you can see in the

 Photo here.

—– Metallic Film was used as a substitute for a Neutral Density Filter though,

the metal coating is far from even and  showing lots of hole like pattern and it may

causing that spark like halo. —– I’ve tested with a ND Filter like plastic film, but

it didn’t make a good halo.    So, while testing with numerous different materials,

I found a thin plastic film with uneven surface can make a good halo, and

I smeared it with a black soft pen  to reduce the light ( = ND Filter effect )

then,  made a pinhole on its center. (hence Double Density Pinhole)

3rd-DD Rose(3)181-001

The result was —–  a soft imaging pinhole which can produce the

almost unusable image.  😀

3rd-DD Rose(4)182-001

Still, they ARE a kind of image.

3rd-DD Rose(5)184-001

In some taste, it might not too bad. (I would say.)  🙂

3rd-DD Rose(6)183-001

Image like this, is like a painting —– and I like it.  

(The photo right was illuminated by a LED lamp =

there could be lots more interesting field of possibilities.)


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  1. elenacaravela said, on August 13, 2014 at 17:38

    VERY much like a painting! I adore the third image of the first triptych.

    • yoshizen said, on August 13, 2014 at 17:53

      Thank you Elena. Left hand side of the picture you pointed out, there were
      funny shaped glass bottles. Strangely, those faint images were not mumbled.
      I don’t know the explanation why. 🙂
      —– Now I found the answer. = Glass bottle’s ghost (secondary image)was not
      strong enough to appear, as the core (original) image was faint. (low contrast).

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